CSPA Webinar #5

FREE Webinar: Applying for Professional Membership with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Date of Webinar: Thursday May 12 at 1:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)


Are you considering applying for CSPA professional membership? Unsure if you meet the requirements or have questions about the process?

The Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) is an organization whose professional members facilitate the development of mental and emotional skills related to performance enhancement and positive personal development. Membership provides individuals with access to a professional network of practitioners and resources and supports related to the area of applied sport psychology in Canada. Professional members are recognized as individuals with a masters or doctorate degree who have met the specific course and supervised experience requirements in the area of sport psychology (see membership requirements). Applications are accepted one time per year. The application deadline for this year is June 30, 2016.

The following webinar will give an overview of the application requirements and process, address frequently asked questions and provide an opportunity to examine any specific queries or concerns. This webinar is to be conducted by current CSPA Review Committee members.

Séminaire en ligne GRATUIT : Effectuer une demande de statut de membre professionnel auprès de l'Association canadienne de psychologie du sport.

Vous envisagez de déposer une demande de statut de membre professionnel auprès de l'ACPS? Vous vous demandez si vous rencontrez les préalables ou avez des questions au sujet du processus?

L'Association canadienne de psychologie du sport (ACPS) est une organisation composée de membres professionnels impliqués dans l'aide au développement de procédés mentaux et émotionnels qui mènent à l’amélioration de la performa