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CSPA Student Membership Application

You may become a CSPA Student Member at any time during a given year by completing the CSPA Student Application Form. To apply to become a CSPA Student Member, you must submit (a) all required forms (listed below), and (b) a copy of the receipt for your $40.00 application fee.


All documents should be sent to Ashley Strike at at the same time, in an electronic format (i.e., Microsoft word, PDF). 


Required Student Application Forms:


Additional Forms:


  • Form 3a – Verification of Supervisor Form (Formulaire 3a

    This form must be submitted only if your supervisor is NOT a member of CSPA or is a member but does not have 5 years consulting experience. This form must be completed by your supervisor and sent to the Chair of the Review Committee for pre-approval.


Pay $ 40.00 Student Application fee


Please send all forms to Ashley Strike at Upon review of application and confirmation of payment, your membership will be activated.

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