2020 CSPA AGM | AGA de l’ACPS 2020

Save the date! The 2020 CSPA AGM will be held on: Thursday, November 12th 2020 from 6 - 7 pm (EST) The AGM will take place entirely online, via Zoom. Réservez cette date! L’AGA de l’ACPS 2020 aura lieu le jeudi 12 novembre de 18 h à 19 h (HNE) L’AGA se déroulera entièrement en ligne, soit via Zoom. The registration link for the AGM will be sent out to CSPA Members via email throughout September and October 2020. The registration link can also be found in the Members Only area of the website. If you are a CSPA Member interested in attending the AGM, but cannot access the registration link, please send us a message at info@cspa-acps.com

Reflections on Virtual NASPSPA / Réflexions sur la conférence virtuelle NASPSPA

Reflections on Virtual NASPSPA: A Student Perspective Katrina Waldhauser M.A., Ph.D. Student, University of British Columbia CSPA Student Committee Chair The annual North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) conference was originally planned to take place in Vancouver, BC. However, like many of us, the organizing committee quickly adapted to host the conference online instead. Some highlights included keynote presentations delivered by Zach Hambrick (Michigan State University, Human Kinetics), Karl Newell (University of Nebraska Omaha, Motor Control and Learning), Amy Needham (Vanderbilt University, Motor Development), and Susan Fiske (Princeton Univer

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