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Who we are

The Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) is an organization devoted to applied sport psychology. Applied sport psychology involves facilitating the development of mental and emotional skills, techniques, attitudes, perspectives, and processes that lead to performance enhancement and positive personal development. The CSPA logo embodies the yin-yang symbol to reflect our vision and appreciation of the physical and psychosocial dimensions of well-being and performance as well as the holistic development of individuals who are not just "athletes" performing in sport but "persons" performing in life. The CSPA (a) recognizes those individuals from various backgrounds who have the necessary competencies to deliver applied sport psychology services in Canada and (b) provides mentoring and supervision opportunities to students and young professionals striving to develop such competencies. The CSPA is comprised of both mental performance consultants and registered psychologists and asks its members to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with their training and qualifications.

CSPA Code of Ethics

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What Our Professional Members Do

CSPA Professional Members are consultants who work with athletes and coaches to assist them in achieving many of the following objectives:


  • Reach their performance potential in sport and/or other aspects of life

  • Regulate arousal, stress, and/or emotionsImprove confidence, motivation, and concentration

  • Manage time effectively

  • Mentally plan for training and competitions

  • Create and maintain positive environments

  • Improve communication skills

  • Learn specific performance enhancement techniques (e.g. imagery, goal-setting)

  • Improve recovery and regeneration 

  • Debrief and evaluate performance or programs 

  • Improve decisions making processes

  • Rehabilitate from an injury

  • Make a positive transition from sport

CSPA Professional Members Have

CSPA Professional Members have met a high standard of education and training and have gone through an extensive review process. Professional members abide by the CSPA code of ethics and fulfill the following criteria:


  • At a minimum, a Master's degree in sport psychology or related field

  • A demonstrated understanding of foundational disciplines such as human kinetics or kinesiology, psychology, and counselling 

  • Extensive consulting experienceHands on experience in sport

  • Favourable supervisor and client evaluations

CSPA Commitments

The CSPA continuously strives to ensure that members have adequate knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver mental performance services in Canada. However, you as a user of mental performance services should do your own assessment and contact not only potential consultants but also teams or clients with whom they have worked. This will allow you to get a direct appreciation of who they are and what they can offer and hopefully lead you to determine the best fit for you.

Vision & Mission

CSPA Vision


CSPA Mission

(a) Our people: Qualified mental performance and mental health practitioners fostering learning and growth for optimal performance and well-being.

(b) Our organization: Dedicated to driving advocacy for and governance of sport and performance psychology through leadership, education, and innovation.

(c) Our work: Inspiring, developing, and protecting cultures of excellence at all levels of human performance.


CSPA Documents

Learn more about the title Mental Performance Consultant, as well as what CSPA Professional Members can offer by downloading the following documents. 

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