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CSPA Professional Membership Application

Individuals may apply to become a CSPA Professional Member at any time during the year; however, applications will only be reviewed once a year. The deadline for applications is 11:59PM ET on May 31st.   

NOTE: With the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that some applicants may not have been able to complete all of their practical sessions before the application deadline. If this is the case, we request that you communicate in your documentation that not all hours were completed, provide a plan for completion including a date, and then send us your final submission at the later date.


Many applicants open an application file months in advance by contacting the Chair of the Review Committee and indicating their intention. Application materials from each applicant must be submitted in one portable (PDF) document file (see below for details and description of materials to be included) directly to the Chair of the Review Committee, in the order listed below:


  1. Proof of $30 application fee payment (completed online)

  2. A copy of all University transcripts appearing chronologically from oldest to newest, and all facing horizontally for easy viewing. Copies should be of official transcripts clearly indicating that the degree has been conferred.

  3. Form 1 – CSPA Professional Membership Application (Formulaire 1)

  4. Any supplemental documents related to Form 1 (e.g., course syllabus)

  5. Form 2 – Supervised Practice Grid (Formulaire 2)

  6. Form 3a – Verification of Supervisor Form (Formulaire 3a) (if necessary). This form must be submitted only if the supervisor is NOT a member of CSPA or is a member but does not have 5 years consulting experience. This form must be completed by the supervisor and sent to the Chair of the Review Committee for pre-approval. It is recommended this be done months before the deadline. Once it is approved, applicants are asked to have their supervisor send the form to them to include it in the overall application package.

  7. Any extra documents are usually not necessary, but can be included if the candidate feels they are necessary. Please confer with the Chair of the Review Committee if uncertain about the need for additional information. 


Applicants must also arrange for their supervisor and appraisers to send their forms (called Forms 3 & 4) directly to the Chair of the Review Committee (If sent directly from the applicant the forms will not be accepted). No changes to any documents will be accepted after the deadline and incomplete applications will not be reviewed:


  1. Form 3 – Supervisor Appraisal Form (Formulaire 3) (must be emailed by the supervisor directly to the Chair of the Review Committee)

  2. Form 4 – Client Appraisal Form (Formulaire 4) (must be emailed from the 2 clients directly to the Chair of the Review Committee)



We appreciate all applicant questions. Given the heavier workload in June, answers to questions will be prioritized to applicants who began the review process prior to April 15.  


The review period typically takes between 8-12 weeks, but it may exceed that period depending on the number of applications. Following the closing date, the committee will work as quickly as possible to complete the review process and the Chair of the Review Committee will contact each applicant when a decision has been reached.


Chair of the Review Committee:

Diane Culver, PhD




Professional Membership Application fee:

The CSPA charges a $30.00 fee for the CSPA Professional Membership Application. 

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