Webinar - Language, Strategies & Allyship for LGBTQ2+ Athletes | Webinaire - Communication &amp

CSPA Webinar - Winter 2020 Language, Strategies & Allyship for LGBTQ2+ Athletes Date : Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Time : 3pm EST Speaker: Alayne Hing, MSc, MPC Elite Edge Facilitator: Lori Dithurbide, PhD, Dalhousie University and Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic Join us for a conversation involving a brief history, current status, terminology overview and challenges that LGBTQ2+ athletes may face. Discover how you, as an MPC, can utilize appropriate language and strategies to be a supportive consultant for both LGBTQ2+ youth and adult athletes. REGISTER NOW CSPA Member - FREE AASP Members - $10 Non-Members - $15 Webinaire de l'ACPS - Hiver 2020 Communication & stratégies pour soutenir les

REMINDER - CSPA Young Professional Award | RAPPEL - Prix des jeunes professionnels de l'ACPS

The deadline for the CSPA Young Professional Award has been extended to January 31, 2020. The CSPA Young Professional Award is presented on an annual basis to a CSPA professional member in acknowledgement of his/her exceptional professional practice in the area of mental performance consulting in Canada. Applicants must complete the Call for Nomination Form for the CSPA Young Professional Award and submit it electronically by January 31st to Dr. Sharleen Hoar (sdhoar@gmail.com). Apply Now La date limite afin de soumettre votre candidature au prix des jeunes professionnels de l'ACPS a été prolongée au 31 janvier 2020. Le prix des jeunes professionnels de l’ACPS est présenté annuellement à un

Upcoming Conferences | Conférences à venir en 2020

Upcoming conferences where you'll find your fellow CSPA members throughout 2020! Conférences à venir en 2020 où vous retrouverez vos collègues membres de l’ACPS! ECSEPS 2020 March 27-28, 2020 - Brock University, St. Catharines, ON http://www.ecseps.ca/ SSI 2020 - Sport-'Aide April 15-17, 2020 - Quebec, QC https://ssi2020.sportaide.ca/ NASPSPA 2020 June 11-14, 2020 - Vancouver, BC https://www.naspspa.com/2020-conference/ AASP 2020 October 21-24, 2020 - Orlando, FL https://appliedsportpsych.org/annual-conference/ CAC Sport Leadership 2020 November 5-7, 2020 - Québec City, QC https://www.coach.ca/petro-canada-sport-leadership-sportif-conference-for-2019-and-2020-to-be-hosted-in-richmond-an

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