CSPA Professional Members: Ontario

Nick Alderton, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Aspire Performance Consulting

Biography: Nick Alderton consults with athletes in Thunder Bay, ON and across Canada. His background in sport psychology dates back to his youth when he competed in provincial and national golf tournaments. These early competitive sport experiences gave him an interest in understanding the relationship between mental factors and sport performance. Nick completed his Masters degree in Human Kinetics: Sport Psychology, at the University of Ottawa, where he studied under several world-renowned consultants.
Nick has worked with athletes in hockey, basketball, curling, volleyball, golf, and other several other sports. He strongly believes that mental skills are essential for success in any endeavour whether it's sport, business, the performing arts, emergency services, and/or military service. In addition to his consulting practice, Nick works as a Student Success Advisor at Lakehead University, assisting student athletes with academic success skills and strategies and career planning. His clients greatly value his ability to listen, connect, and provide simple and effective strategies to enhance their performance and success.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Course at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference

Language(s): English

location. Thunder Bay, ON

email. aspireperformanceconsulting@gmail.com

phone. 807-708-8272

website. www.aspireperformanceconsulting.com

twitter. @ASPIRE_P_C

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/nickaldertonaspire

facebook. facebook.com/aspireperformanceconsulting/

Anthony Battaglia, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography:  Dr. Anthony Battaglia holds a PhD in Sport Psychology from the University of Toronto. He has advanced knowledge and extensive experience in areas such as the developmental needs of athletes, athlete maltreatment, relational dynamics (e.g., coach-athlete), and performance enhancement. 


As a Mental Performance Consultant, he has worked with athletes, parents, and coaches (recreational-elite levels) in sports such as hockey, gymnastics, golf, track and field, figure skating, and baseball. Dr. Battaglia provides education and training on issues including stress and coping, safe sport, psychosocial development, team cohesion, leadership, motivation, and relaxation techniques. He is accustomed to working closely with diverse stakeholder groups and sport organizations such as the Coaching Association of Canada and Gymnastics Canada on coach education, developmentally appropriate practices, and safe sport. Dr. Battaglia is also a lecturer within the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto.


Informed by his formal education in sport psychology and consulting experiences, Dr. Battaglia understands the qualities, characteristics, and mental skills required for fostering personal and performance excellence in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Safe Sport Training- Coaching Association of Canada; International Olympic Committee- Safeguarding Athletes Training; Play by the Rules- Harassment and Discrimination Training; Play by the Rules- Child Protection Training; Canadian Centre for Child Protection- Commit to Kids: An Introduction to Safeguarding Children From Sexual Abuse

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. anthony.battaglia@mail.utoronto.ca

phone. 416-768-4134

linkedin. www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-battaglia-7647361ba

Robert Beer, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Co-Owner Mindset First Mental Health & Performance Inc.

Biography:  My name is Robert Beer and I am the Co-Owner of Mindset First Mental Health & Performance Inc. Throughout my career as an elite tennis player, I had struggled with various psychological blocks and difficulties. Due to the lack help, I was never quite able to accomplish my biggest goals, and therefore have decided to dedicate my career to helping others. 


I am a former NCAA athlete as well as a Masters Graduate from the University of Portsmouth (England). As a former elite athlete, it has been my personal finding that the psychological aspect of performance is by far the most crucial yet, overlooked pillar of performance. My goal when working with clients is to not only provide and teach the necessary tools, but to also help them improve their overall well being. Happiness and satisfaction is interrelated with performance, and therefore, if we can find the right balance between the two, anything is possible. 


I have, and currently work with athletes of all ages and skill levels ranging from beginner to Olympic and professional athletes. Additionally, I work with athletes ranging from the ages of 10 and up.


I truly believe that everyone has the potential to be great! All we need is guidance and support, and with the right combination of the two, no goal is too big. 

Language(s): English, Romanian

location. Vaughan, ON

email. mindsetfirst@yahoo.com

phone. 905-660-9284

website. www.mindsetfirst.ca

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MindsetFirstInc

Amy Bell, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Amy’s lifelong love of sport and her desire to help people achieve their full potential inspired her to pursue a career as a Mental Performance Consultant. Initially interested in physical therapy, Amy discovered her love of sport psychology while completing her Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. With her interest piqued, she advanced her knowledge by completing her Master’s degree in the Human Kinetics Intervention and Consultation program also at uOttawa.

Amy works with her clients to develop a customized strategy to help them achieve their goals and dreams. The skills she helps her clients develop are not limited to the playing field. Part of Amy’s consulting philosophy includes helping her clients develop skills for all areas of their lives. Her belief that mental skills are life skills has led to her to work with a wide range of clients -sports teams, athletes, musicians, actors, and students, as well as “corporate athletes.”

Amy focuses on empowering her clients to take control of the mental skills training process, identify their strengths, and develop the tenacity and perseverance to fulfill their ultimate potential.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

Language(s): English

location. Ottawa, ON

email. abell045@uottawa.ca

twitter. @AmyBellMPC

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/AmyBellMPC/

Arianne Berube-Lavoie, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography:  Arianne has a Master’s degree in Human Kinetics with a concentration in Intervention and Consultation to bridge the gap between physical and mental training. She has experience working with recreational through international level athletes of all ages and disciplines. She helps high performance athletes develop self-awareness and build essential cognitive skills in their sport, transferable to the everyday lives of the athletes. Through a holistic and client-centred approach, Arianne’s objective is to enhance the athletic performance and personal growth of all her athletes.


Arianne is also a personal trainer and has obtained her certification through Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Given her diverse background and former experience as a competitive athlete she is able to understand the many dimensions of high performance athletes.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), Mental Health First Aid Canada

Language(s): English, French

location. Ottawa, ON

email. arianne.berubelavoie@gmail.com

phone. 613-402-9414

Karl Manzi Bicamumpaka, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. manzi.mpc@gmail.com

Mishka Blacker, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Mishka is a PhD Candidate at Brock University studying sport psychology. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Ryerson University and an MA in Applied Health Science from Brock University. Mishka has worked with many USport teams (e.g., Hockey, Rugby, Cross Country, Rowing, Volleyball and Curling) and continues to do so alongside her colleagues at Brock. She has also worked with local sport academies, organizations and institutions in the Niagara region. Growing up in Toronto, Mishka competed in many individual and team sports. Both personal and familial competitive sport experiences inspired Mishka’s applied and academic pursuits in performance psychology. While her M.A. work focused on the influence of athletes’ attachment orientation on sport performance, her dissertation focuses on mental toughness development and its impact on perseverance and risk-taking behaviour. Mishka’s philosophy embraces the uniqueness her clients’ personality and the importance of promoting self-awareness and confidence in abilities. She is committed to helping all types of performers identify and achieve their goals, strengthen their mind-body connection, and develop skills that will facilitate optimal performance and well-being. Mishka is open to working performers of all ages

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health and Addictions Certificate in Psychology, Ryerson University

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. mishkablacker@gmail.com

phone. 647-444-0350

Mark Bruner

Mental Performance Consultant

location. North Bay, ON

email. markb@nipissingu.ca

Kayla Buck, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Prime Mindset

Biography: Kayla is passionate about helping performers get to the edges of their development and to build the capacity needed that allows them to expand and grow. She is the owner of Prime Mindset, a Mental Performance Consultant and Integral Professional Coach. Kayla has her Masters in Human Kinetics and Undergraduate in Recreation and Sport Studies. When she isn't consulting with others she's spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Integral Associate Coach, Integral Coaching Canada; Certified Personal Trainer, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Language(s): English

location. Petawawa, ON

email. kaylasybuck@gmil.com

website. www.primemindset.com

linkedin. www.linkedin.com/in/kaylabuck

facebook. www.facebook.com/primemindset

Marissa Buth, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography:  Marissa Buth is a graduate of the University of Ottawa Masters of Human Kinetic (MHK) program. Prior to that, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa in Human Kinetics (BScHK). 


From a very young age, Marissa has been heavily involved in athletics. Physical activity and its teachings of determination, perseverance, leadership and responsibility have been the driving forces of many areas of her life. She has a particular interest in injury rehabilitation and the importance of blending both the psychological and physical aspects of physical activity and return to play. 


Marissa's core values, from both a personal and professional standpoint, include communication, respect and compassion. She considers these to have had a significant impact on many of the key actions and decisions of her life. 


Her professional goal is simple, it is to help you achieve your objectives. With this in mind, she uses a variety of strategies, tools and activities to teach you mental skills to enhance daily functioning and performance. Throughout your time together, she welcomes and encourages open communication, so feel free to ask her any questions you may have! This will help to build the working relationship which is another one of her goals.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid

Language(s): English

location. Ottawa, ON

email. marissabuth@hotmail.com

Krista Chandler, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner of The Mental Link; Professor, University of Windsor

Biography: Dr. Chandler has been a Faculty member in the Kinesiology Department at the University of Windsor since 1999, specializing in sport and exercise psychology. In addition to her teaching and research (specializing in imagery and mental skills training), she has her own consulting business, The Mental Link, in which she works with individuals striving to enhance their performance through the use of mental training.

She has counseled both able-bodied athletes and athletes with a disability from the recreational through to the Olympic level. In this respect, Krista traveled to Beijing in 2008 with the Canadian Paralympic Boccia team and staged with the Canadian Paralympic Swim team prior to the London 2012 Games. She has travelled with sport teams to the Para Pan American Games, World Championships and various other International Competitions.

As a former group fitness instructor, athlete and coach, Dr. Chandler recognizes the importance of staying well informed of new developments in research and consulting techniques. In this respect, Krista has an active research program and uses cutting-edge technology, like biofeedback, to ensure that the athletes with whom she works are able to use every tool possible to achieve peak performance.

Language(s): English, French

location. Windsor, ON

email. chandler@uwindsor.ca

phone. 519-253-3000 ext. 2446

website. www1.uwindsor.ca/sportpsychology/

twitter. @KristaJChandler

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/krista-munroe-chandler

Francois Cholette

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Wendover, ON

email. fcholette08@gmail.com

Jamie Collins, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. jcoll043@uottawa.ca

Diane Culver, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Associate professor, University of Ottawa; International Council of Coaching Excellence; Association of Applied Sport Psychology

Biography: Diane is an associate professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. With a Masters’ in sport psychology and a Ph.D. in Education her domain is sport psychology, and teaching and learning in sport. Her primary interests are in the area of coach and athlete development. Using a person-centred, strengths-based approach she consults with athletes, coaches, and sport organisations facilitating the enhancement of their performance. Diane also assists with the supervision of the Masters’ of Human Kinetics professional program with concentration in intervention and consultation at the University of Ottawa. A past member and coach of the Alpine Canada Alpin Team as well as coach of the New Zealand Olympic Ski Team, Diane has experience with both sides of the coach-athlete relationship. With a research background in social learning theory she also strives for optimal functioning through improved collaboration and communication between athletes, coaches, and the other significant individuals who influence sport performance. Diane has consulted with coaches and athletes in able-bodied sport as well as parasport and Special Olympics.


Coaching Association of Canada Coach Developer and Evaluator.

Language(s): English, French

location. Ottawa, ON

email. dculver@uottawa.ca

phone. 613-562- 5800 ext. 4283

twitter. @di_culver

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/diane-m-culver

Kimberley Dawson, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Mind2Achieve; Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

Biography: Kimberley Dawson is a professor in sport & exercise psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON. Kim received a doctorate in psychomotor behaviour from the University of Waterloo. This area of study focuses on both the environmental and social factors involved in successful motor learning and performance. Kim’s primary objective, as a mental skills consultant, is to increase the probability of transference of skill attained through training into successful competitive outcomes. She supports athletes by first identifying sport specific environmentally determined factors and then by educating athletes about how to increase their personal control of their sport environment . By minimizing distractions and maximizing strengths, a higher probability of performance success is attained. This approach has been successful for numerous Olympic athletes in sports such as figure skating, gymnastics, track & field, hockey, and boxing.

Language(s): English

location. Waterloo, ON

email. Mind2Achieve@gmail.com

phone. 519-807-6653

website. www.mind2achieve.com

twitter. @mind2achieve

Poppy DesClouds, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Director of Care & Education, Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport (CCMHS); Part-time Professor University of Ottawa; Member, Healthy Dancer Canada; Student Member, Association for Applied Sport Psychology


Biography: Although Poppy has an enduring passion for all things athletic, she was inspired to pursue a career as a Mental Performance Consultant after her long-time training and involvement in the performing arts. To strengthen her understanding of mental skills for high performance and optimal mind-body connection, Poppy completed her Master of Human Kinetics in Intervention and Consultation at the University of Ottawa. She now applies her mental skills consulting in a variety of performance-based settings including sport, dance, music, and education. Poppy is focused on helping performers of all kinds to practice and perform optimally, with grit and resilience. Her work is centred on helping clients to use their minds and bodies in complementary ways by uncovering, developing, and harnessing their mental and emotional resources. Poppy has worked with clients in a range of competitive, vocational, and recreational contexts. She has also implemented her work at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, researching and advising on emotional wellness resources for clinical health and education contexts. Presently, Poppy is a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa studying the impact of mobile communication technology on student-athlete performance and psychosocial development.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Mental Health Commission of Canada

Language(s): English

location. Ottawa, ON

email. pdesclouds@protonmail.com

twitter. @pdclouds

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/pdclouds

Mel Dodd-Moher, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography:  Mel’s passion for performance psychology began at a young age, competing as a goalie in provincial and national level hockey. She received her Master’s degree in Human Kinetics from the Intervention and Consultation program at the University of Ottawa. Studying under numerous renowned Mental Performance Consultants, she cultivated her knowledge and passion for helping others achieve their goals. Although her personal story began with athletics, she consults with a wide range of performers, including athletes, musicians, and students, from amateur through to international levels. In addition to her consulting practice, Mel works with a research team at the University of Ottawa, helping patients of various chronic diseases incorporate physical activity into their lives.


On top of her sport psychology training, Mel is also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with extensive experience helping people of all walks of life get motivated for physical activity. Her approach is one of compassion and humility, with the goal of helping clients develop their personal best selves, ultimately resulting in greater performance.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health Commission of Canada; CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Language(s): English

location. Ottawa, ON

email. m.doddmoher@gmail.com

Leith Drury

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Toronto, ON

email. leithdru@interlog.com

Nicole Dubuc-Charbonneau

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Sudbury, ON

email. ngdubuc@gmail.com

Natalie Durand-Bush, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Full Professor, School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa; Adjunct Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences; Mental Performance Consultant, SEWP Consulting | Peak Centre for Human Performance | Clinique Physio Outaouais et Médecine du Sport; E-Board Member, Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Biography: Natalie Durand-Bush, Ph.D. is a full professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. As a Mental Performance Consultant during the past 22 years, she has worked with hundreds of high performance and developmental level athletes between the ages of 8 and 60 years competing in various sports (ex. hockey, water polo, curling, gymnastics, alpine skiing, taekwondo, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, figure skating, ringette, cycling, rowing, etc.). These included Olympians and athletes from five Canadian national teams, a men's major junior hockey team, two University varsity teams, and professional and amateur athletes from the Peak Centre for Human Performance in Ottawa, Ontario and Physio Outaouais et Médecine du Sport in Gatineau, Québec.

Increase self-awareness and self-regulation skills of athletes and coaches to achieve performance excellence and maintain mental health and well-being; Strengthen Athlete | Coach | Parent | Support Staff relationships to maximize team functioning, communication, and support.

Individual and team sessions in English or French; Assessment and development of mental / emotional / social skills for high quality training and competitions; Hands-on interventions targeting sport and life.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Cognitive behavioural counselling; hypnosis; heartmath (cardiac coherence) interventions; mental health first aid (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

Language(s): English, French

location. Ottawa, ON

email. ndbush@uottawa.ca

phone. 613-295-6041

website. www.health.uottawa.ca/people/durand-bush-natalie

twitter. @NDurandBush

Mario Faveri, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Mario Faveri, Private Practice; Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute; Consultant, Ontario Coaches Association

Biography: Mario works with athletes at all levels including professionals, Olympian and Paralympian athletes through the Canadian Sport Institute (Ontario). He has worked with more than 450 athletes, teams and coaches in his professional practice.

While Mario continues to teach mental skills and strategies, more recently the primary focus of his work involves Mindfulness Training with athletes and coaches.

Mario provides his services face to face, in the field and online through a confidential and secure service that is Hippa compliant. A similar secure system is also used for email communications.

As a psychologist, his services are supported by most Health Care Plans.

Mario provided his services during the PanAm Games in Toronto and recently was invited to participate in Prince Harry's Invictus Games also be held in Toronto later this year.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Training in Mindful Mediation and its use in clinical and educational settings and its application in sports.

Language(s): English

location. London, ON

email. mfaveri@sympatico.ca

phone. 519-438-6221

website. www.mariofaveri.com

Nicole Forrester, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Performance Consultant, Owner, Optimal Zone Inc.; Athletes Commission, Canadian Olympic Committee; Athlete Representative, Board of Director, Professor, Commonwealth Games Canada; Registered Kinesiologist, College of Kinesiologists of Ontario; Professor, Niagara College

Biography: For over 15 years Nicole has specialized in high performance as an Olympian and world-class athlete, researcher, scholar, and consultant. She is passionately committed to ensuring individuals and organizations realize their greatest capabilities. Nicole holds a PhD in sport psychology from Michigan State University, as well as a Master of Education from the University of Texas in Kinesiology. She attended the University of Michigan on a full athletic scholarship and attained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management & Communication. Her area of interest involves understanding the psychosocial factors separating good performers from great performers.

Recently retired, Nicole is also an Olympian, and an 8-Time Canadian Champion who has represented Canada on 20 Track & Field National Teams in the high jump. She is a Commonwealth Games gold and bronze medalist, a Pan American Games silver and bronze medalist. In addition to consulting, Nicole serves on the Athlete Commission for the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Board of Directors for Commonwealth Games of Canada.

Drawing upon her knowledge, experience and understandings she is committed to helping others achieve their potential as a mental performance consultant.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Registered Kinesiologist, College of Kinesiologists of Ontario

Language(s): English

location. Halton, ON

email. nicole@nicoleforrester.com

phone. 416-951-4803

website. www.nicoleforrester.com

twitter. @nicoleforrester

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/nicolewforrester

Chris Friesen, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Director, Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology; Director, Niagara Neuropsychology

Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D., C.Psych., BCN is a licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist who has always been fascinated by what makes people successful. He primarily helps professional, national/Olympic, and up-and-coming elite athletes, as well as other high achievers such as professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and writers, achieve their personal and professional potential. He leverages the latest research from executive coaching, psychology, sport/performance psychology, and cognitive neuroscience to help people maximize their potential. He offers coaching, consulting, and workshops to high-achieving individuals and businesses looking to maximize personal and professional potential. He is currently director of Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology and Niagara Neuropsychology and a contributor to Success.com. He is also the author of Achieve: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, and How To Make It Happen.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: College of Executive Coaching: Advances Certified Personal & Executive Coach; Board Certified in Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback BCIA-BCN)

Language(s): English

location. Grimsby, ON

email. info@FriesenPerformance.com

phone. 289-969-7996

website. www.FriesenPerformance.com

twitter. @FriesenPerform

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/dr-chris-friesen-ph-d-c-psych-bcia-bcn-91051834/

facebook. facebook.com/FriesenPerformance

Sarah Gairdner

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Toronto, ON

email. sarahgairdner@gmail.com

Elyse Gorrell, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Embodied Mental Performance

Biography: Elyse’s passion is assisting athletes and coaches in overcoming their mental barriers in order to perform at their optimal level. She uses her experience as a competitive athlete, coach, and MPC to create programs that are applied and individualized to the performer. She has a passion for sport, and recognizes that each sport creates different demands on an athlete.

Elyse’s philosophy to counselling has a strong focus on embodiment, which consists of the union between psychological and physiological elements. Embodiment acknowledges the importance of the body’s role in cognition with the idea that the consciousness is always focused on something even if the person is not aware of it. There are many fields that prefer to separate the body and the mind in order to reduce the subject under examination to description, however embodiment recognizes that if the body is limited to description then the meaning of the unconscious thoughts (brewing behind the scenes during performance) are lost. 

She has worked with Brock University’s varsity teams, the Niagara Tennis Academy, as well as individual athletes of all skill levels ranging from grassroots to international competition. Currently a PhD candidate, Elyse’s research specializes in social media and its impact on athletes and coaches.

Language(s): English

location. Hamilton, ON

email. egorrell5@gmail.com

phone. 289-969-7231

Judy Goss, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Private Practice; Mental Performance Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

Biography: Dr. Goss is a Mental Performance Consultant that has been working in Toronto for the last 25 years. She is currently working with Skate Canada, Volleyball Canada- Beach, Wrestling Canada and Wheelchair Basketball Canada. Dr. Goss provides mental skills training, program management and leadership, and research development for those sports. She has attended over 14 Olympic, Paralympic, Pan Am and World Championships with athletes and teams. She offers consulting and workshops for athletes, coaches and parents. Noteworthy, she was Lead, Mental Performance for the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario for 17 years as well as Lead Mental Performance for Own the Podium’s National Sport Science and Medicine Advisory Committee.


She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Association for Applied of Sport Psychology, a professional member of the CSPA, a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Sport Psychology Registry and an associate member of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy. Judy was on the Managing Council of the CSPA for 10 years. She believes in the holistic development of high performance athletes and endeavors to provide them with the skills to be well rounded high functioning performers on and off the field of play.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified in Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS), Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. drjudygoss@gmail.com

phone. 416-818-4872

twitter. @drjudygoss

Onika Green, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute; Consultant, Canada Basketball; Consultant, Ryerson University; Professor, University of Guelph-Humber

Biography: Onika has her Masters degree in Human Kinetics: Applied Sports Psychology from the University of Ottawa. As a Mental Performance Consultant, she owns her own practice where she helps individuals, and teams perform more consistently at their personal best through the training and development of mental skills. Aside from her private practice, Onika is a Professor at the University of Guelph-Humber and does contract work for the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, Canada Basketball, Ontario Racquet Club, and Ryerson University.

Onika grew up on the competitive dance scene in Oakville. Her familiarity with competitive environments has inspired her mission to make a difference by supporting the well-being of athletes across Canada. Onika has worked with athletes of varying levels and sports disciplines — from Paralympic rowers and National team hockey players to grassroots soccer teams and everything in between.

Onika’s approach as a consultant involves a balance between discussion and application. She works collaboratively with clients to create a plan for action and offers a structure for accountability to ensure their success. Her focus is on transferable life skills, which can support her athletes in both sport and life.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. onikagreen@gmail.com

phone. 905-808-0637

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/onika-green-1592a7b3

Iman Hassan, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Complete Performer Consulting

Biography: Iman Hassan is a mental performance consultant and a doctoral candidate at the University of Ottawa. After completing her bachelor of science in psychology at Delaware State University, Iman went on to earn her MA in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Following the completion of her MA, Iman became a PhD student and a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA). 


Iman’s athletic background consists of being a dual NCAA athlete, playing both basketball and lacrosse. As a passionate sport enthusiast, Iman works with elite athletes from various sports. Her consulting priorities are anchored in the client’s overall well-being and performance optimization.


As a PhD candidate, her research areas of interest include athletic transition out of sport, gratitude practices, and well-being. Her research is anchored in practical approaches that are aimed towards optimizing performance and overall well-being.

Language(s): English

location. Ottawa, ON

email. info@completeperformer.com

website. www.completeperformer.com

twitter. @ImanHass_

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/iman-hassan-107a60157

Trista Hill, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Professor, Georgian College

Biography: Trista works with athletes of all ages, sporting disciplines, and competitive levels. She has worked with athletes from hockey, baseball, basketball, bowling, dance, gymnastics, equestrian, swimming, curling, football, figure skating, volleyball, rugby, soccer, cross country, crossfit, track and field, and ultra-marathon. Trista is faculty with general education at Georgian College, teaching a number of psychology courses including Sport Psychology, and Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology. As a professor, Trista takes a learner focused approach, and uses this approach when working with athletes.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Teaching and Training Adults certificate, Teaching Practice Credential, Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

Language(s): English

location. Barrie, ON

email. tristaadhill@gmail.com

phone. (705) 330-5644

website. http://www.quinnrehab.com/trista-hill/

twitter. @mpcbarrie

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/trista-hill

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/mpcBarrie/

Adlul Kamal, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant; Sports Instructor, Spectrum Program, City of London, Ontario; Research Assistant, Lund University, Sweden.

Biography: Adlul comes from a diverse background with a lot of international experience. He has earned an MSc. in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Lund University (Sweden) & another MSc. in Psychological Diagnostics & Interventions from Leipzig University (Germany) as part of the Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s program. Adlul’s started his consultancy career with Helsingborg Swimming Club (Sweden) in 2012 & he has since worked with significant number of athletes, coaches, & parents in Sweden, Germany, & later Canada.

Adlul’s has vast experience of working with youth & high performance athletes as well as athletes with intellectual disabilities. His past clients come from different sports including Fencing, Hockey, Badminton, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Skiing, & Sailing. Some of Adlul’s notable clients include Special Olympics Canada, Sport Manitoba, Manitoba Fencing, & Lund Giants Hockey.
Adlul uses an inter-disciplinary approach in his practice where he incorporates theories & tools from exercise physiology, biomechanics, as well as several branches of psychology. Adlul also uses a combination of psychodynamic, humanistic, & behavioural approach to counselling with special emphasis on addressing the specific needs of each client.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Standard First Aid & CPR, Lifesaving Society, Canada

Language(s): English, Bengali

location. London, ON

email. adlul@mail.com

phone. 204-470-3570

website. www.adlulkamal.com

twitter. @adlulkamal

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/adlulkamal

facebook. facebook.com/adlul.kamal

Kelly Kilrea, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Co-Owner, Genuine Thriving (Consulting & Private Practice); Assistant Professor, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Biography: Kelly Kilrea, Ph.D., consults with leaders, performing artists, and competitive athletes of all ages. She takes a holistic approach to mental performance consulting, honouring all aspects of being (mind, body, and spirit) in each person's pursuit of excellence. She is committed to supporting the personal growth, happiness, and well-being of each client, in addition to their performance goals.

Kelly is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, and served for nearly a decade in the Canadian Forces. Inspired by her interest in psychology and experience as a competitive figure skater, she completed a MA in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa.

In addition to her mental performance consultancy, Kelly is also a certified BodyTalk practitioner. This cutting-edge energy system supports clients with change and the achievement of performance goals.

In her complementary work as a counsellor, Kelly provides a compassionate presence for individuals, couples and families who have concerns about work, school, family, relationships, performance, balance, identity, stress, and health.

Kelly completed a PhD in Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. She currently works as an assistant professor at Saint Paul University, in Ottawa, Canada.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), International BodyTalk Association; Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association.* (*Kelly has elected not to renew this certification; instead, she is in the application process for registration as a psychotherapist in Ontario)

Language(s): English, French

location. Ottawa, ON

email. Kelly@GenuineThriving.com

phone. 613-912-8227

website. www.GenuineThriving.com

Jelle Kooijman, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, JWK Mental Performance Training

Biography: Originally from The Netherlands, Jelle Kooijman is a mental performance consultant and coach who focuses on helping people reach their highest potential through mental training. After completing his undergraduate degree in Human Movement Science at the VU University Amsterdam, he completed the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Thessaly, Greece and the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He has experience working with athletes from different sports in Canada including soccer, volleyball and hockey teams, dancers and track & field athletes. Jelle is trained to provide a wide variety of services such as mental skills training, stress and coping techniques, exercise motivation and relaxation, as well as injury rehabilitation, coaching and team counselling. Jelle’s philosophy revolves around accepting people the way they are, but always working hard in order to keep growing.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified for emergency first aid and CPR; Certified Development Coach, Coaching Association of Canada

Language(s): English, Dutch

location. Ottawa, ON

email. jelle.w.kooijman@gmail.com

phone. 343-262-1712

twitter. @JWK_MPT

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jelle-kooijman/

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/JWKMentalPerformanceTraining

Wesley Kwok

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. kwokwesley@gmail.com

Jonathan Lasnier, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Consultant, Excellence sportive Outaouais (ESO); Consultant, Excellence sportive de l'Île de Montréal (ESIM); Consultant, PhysioOutaouais / Consultant, Excellence sportive Outaouais (ESO); Consultant, Excellence sportive de l'Île de Montréal (ESIM); Consultant, PhysioOutaouais

Biography (en): Jonathan Lasnier is a PhD candidate in Human Kinetics with a specialization in sport psychology at the University of Ottawa. His research project focuses on investigating the interplay between exercise-induced pain management, performance, and mental health in competitive and high-performance endurance athletes. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at the University of Montreal and completed his Master of Human Kinetics degree in Intervention and Consultation at the University of Ottawa.


As a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) and a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA), Jonathan has worked with athletes from various levels (i.e., provincial to international) and sport disciplines (e.g., track and field, swimming, cross-country skiing, triathlon, diving, gymnastics, mogul skiing, fencing, judo, karate, boxing, badminton, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball). He has also delivered his services in corporate and education settings.


Jonathan is an avid runner and loves spending time in nature. Before becoming a MPC, he coached track and field for six years. Striving to grow daily, Jonathan is passionate about learning, personal development, and helping others maximize their potential using evidence-based approaches and techniques. 


Biographie (fr) : Jonathan Lasnier est un candidat au doctorat en sciences de l’activité physique avec une spécialisation en psychologie du sport à l’Université d’Ottawa. Son projet de recherche porte sur l’interaction entre la gestion de la douleur provoquée par l’exercice, la performance et la santé mentale chez des athlètes compétitifs et de haut niveau en endurance.


À titre de consultant en performance mentale (CPM) et de membre professionnel de l’Association canadienne de psychologie du sport (ACPS), Jonathan a travaillé avec des athlètes de différents niveaux (c.-à-d., provincial à international) provenant de disciplines sportives variées (p. ex., athlétisme, natation, ski de fond, triathlon, plongeon, gymnastique, ski acrobatique, escrime, judo, karaté, boxe, badminton, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball). Il a aussi offert ses services dans le milieu corporatif et de l’éducation.


Jonathan est un coureur et adore passer du temps en nature. Avant de devenir un CPM, il a été entraîneur d’athlétisme pendant six ans. S’efforçant de grandir quotidiennement, Jonathan est passionné par l’apprentissage, le développement personnel ainsi que par le fait d’aider les gens à maximiser leur potentiel en utilisant des approches et des techniques basées sur la littérature scientifique.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Mental Health Commission of Canada / Premiers soins en santé mentale, Commission de la santé mentale du Canada


Language(s): English, French

location. Ottawa, ON

email. jonathan.lasnier@uottawa.ca

phone. 514-945-9721

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanlasnier/

twitter. @jlasnier7

Barbi Law, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Associate Professor, Nipissing University

Biography: Dr. Barbi Law is an associate professor in the School of Physical & Health Education at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Her research in the area of Sport and Performance Psychology focuses on how mental skills, such as imagery and modeling, can be used to enhance individuals’ physical and psychological performance in sport and other performance settings. Her current research interests include the use of modeling for performance enhancement in sport and exercise, children’s imagery use in physical education, athletes’ transfer of mental skills to achievement domains outside sport, and strategies for improving sport psychology knowledge translation among athletes and coaches. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Law has also provided mental training services and workshops to athletes, teams, and coaches from recreational to elite competitive levels.

Language(s): English

location. North Bay, ON

email. barbil@nipissingu.ca

Markus Leikkari, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Markus currently resides and practices in Eastern Ontario and in his hometown of Thunder Bay. Growing up in Northwestern Ontario, he was introduced to sport psychology through his passion for hockey. A former junior goaltender, Markus completed a Masters of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa following an HBK (Kinesiology) and HBA (Psychology) at Lakehead University.

Since the end of his playing days, Markus has been heavily involved in coaching, and is currently employed as a AAA coach, teacher and dorm parent at the Ontario Hockey Academy in Cornwall, Ontario. Previously, he has coached with the Nepean Raiders and Thunder Bay Kings AAA programs as well as a number of hockey schools as both an instructor and mental performance consultant. Additionally, Markus has worked with Hockey Northwestern Ontario and Hockey Eastern Ontario, providing mental performance services for the HEO Program of Excellence.

In his time as a consultant, Markus has worked with golfers, gymnasts, curlers, badminton, soccer and lacrosse athletes. He believes that self-awareness is key to understanding and maximizing an athlete’s strengths while developing processes to overcome and enhance areas for improvement and improve self-regulation.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health Commission of Canada)​



Language(s): English



location. Ottawa, ON

email. markusleikkari@yahoo.ca

phone. 807-621-3021

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/markusleikkari 

twitter. @markusleikkari


Jonathan Lelièvre, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Jonathan Lelièvre Consultation; consultant, trainer, speaker

Biography: Jonathan Lelièvre’s contribution in the world of competitive sport is undeniable. The numbers speak for themselves. Since he graduated with his Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from Ottawa University in January 2010, he accumulated thousands of hours working directly with athletes and sports clubs. Over the years, Jonathan has had the privilege to provide services to various «Sport-études» programs, national teams and individual athletes in preparation to national, pan-am and international competitions. Along the way, he worked within every sport possible, including several hockey players from LHJMQ and Midget AAA. His knowledge of the sport context and his understanding of the athlete’s reality are well appreciated by his clients.

Out of school, he promptly launched his own consulting business in Gatineau-Ottawa. Since then, he not only worked with local athletes but also with a worldwide clientele via telephone, video and Skype. Jonathan also provides services to non-athletes in various performance spheres such as firefighters, policemen, paramedics, musicians and other performers. He also shares his passion via a weekly blog and as a panelist on a sport radio show. You can feel confident calling upon Jonathan’s expertise to help you perform to your full potential.

Language(s): English, French

location. Ottawa, ON

email. info@jonathanlelievre.com

phone. 819-918-8060

website. www.jonathanlelievre.com

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/jonathanlelievre

facebook. facebook.com/lelievrepsycho

Cristina Leonardelli, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. drleonardelli@gmail.com

Joseph Leszner, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Thornhill, ON

email. jlesz084@uottawa.ca

Jimena Lopez, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Headstrong Elite Performance

Biography: Jimena Lopez is a Mental Performance Consultant and the founder of HeadStrong Elite Performance. Her goal is to help athletes and working professionals condition their minds so they can love what they do, perform at their best, and explore their potential. She has had the privilege of working with athletes participating in an array of sports (individual and team) and competitive levels (brand new to their sport to those who are Olympic hopefuls). As a former gymnastics national team member, Jimena works to combine her personal experience in elite sport to her practice in order to enhance rapport with the client and the quality of training she can provide. Lastly, Jimena is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Alberta where she focuses her research on the emotional experience of sport, self-compassion in athletes, and the creation and integration of mental skill training interventions into the sports world. Jimena integrates her personal, academic, and professional expertise into her practice in order to equip her clients with the tools and exercise they need to improve their overall mental strength and achieve their goals

Language(s): English, Spanish

location. Mississauga, ON

email. headstrongeliteperformance@gmail.com

phone. 647-223-7918

website. www.headstrongeliteperformance.com

Todd Loughead, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Professor, University of Windsor

Biography: Dr. Todd M. Loughead is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Windsor. His general research area pertains to group dynamics in sport and he investigates issues related to athlete leadership, cohesion, and team building. He publishes in preeminent sport and exercise psychology peer-reviewed journals, contributes to numerous edited texts, and presents his research findings to international, national, regional, and local audiences. He is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and has extensive experience consulting with both able-bodied and athletes with a disability who compete at the national, intercollegiate, and professional levels.

Language(s): English

location. Windsor, ON

email. loughead@uwindsor.ca

phone. 519-253-3000 x. 2450

website. http://www1.uwindsor.ca/sportpsychology/

twitter. @ToddLoughead

Chantale Lussier, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Founder & CEO, Elysian Insight

Biography: Dr. Lussier is the Founder & CEO of Elysian Insight, mental performance solutions. A highly sought after specialist in her field, and Professional Member of CSPA & AASP, Chantale has worked with hundreds of nationally & internationally-ranked competitive, elite, and pro athletes (NHL, CFL), as well as military and emergency services professionals (police, fire, first responders, etc). The go-to Mental Performance Consultant for the Ottawa Senators (NHL) for years, she supported Hockey Canada’s Women’s U18 National Team to 3 gold medals & a silver medal at the IIHF’s World Championships. She has worked as Mental Performance Specialist for Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) and Manager of Programming and Advisor Lead for the Canadian Olympic Committee's Game Plan total athlete wellness program. She worked with Equestrian Canada's athletes in jumping, dressage, and para-dressage in preparation for the 2017 World Equestrian Games (WEG) testing event. Noteworthy, she worked with the CFL’s Ottawa RedBlacks, supporting the team to a winning 2018 Eastern Finals Championship. Chantale contributes significantly to numerous NCAA & USports teams' successes, including Carleton University's Ravens, and a growing roster of individual and organizational clients in pro sports.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Workplace Mental Health & Leadership Certificate, Morneau-Shepell; Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Mental Health Commission of Canada; Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), LivingWorks Education; Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers, National Defence; True Sport Clean 101, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Language(s): English

location. Gatineau, QC

email. chantalelussier@gmail.com

phone. 819-360-6317

website. www.elysianinsight.ca 

twitter. https://twitter.com/Dr_Lussier

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chantalelussier/

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ElysianInsight/

instagram. https://www.instagram.com/chantale.lussier/  

Corey MacDonald

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. coreyjmacdonald@gmail.com

Laura Mallette (McKenzie), MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Affiliations: Consultant, Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC)

Biography: Laura was born and raised in Pointe-Claire, QC where she participated in numerous sports, particularly swimming and water polo. After competing with both the Provincial and Junior National Water Polo Teams, Laura pursued a career in coaching, and eventually Mental Performance Consultation. Her background in coaching and experience as an elite athlete is what drove her to pursue a degree in Psychology from Concordia University (Montreal, QC) and a Masters in Intervention and Consultation in Sport, Physical Activity, and Health from the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON).


After working in Ottawa, ON and Victoria, BC, Laura recently relocated to the Durham Region (ON). Laura works with athletes of various ages, levels and sports, helping them build the necessary mental skills required for sport and everyday life. She strives to help clients increase self-awareness and understand the mind-body connection, with the ultimate goal of enhanced performance and personal growth.

Language(s): English

location. Durham Region, ON

email. lauramallettempc@gmail.com

website. www.lauramallette.ca

Matthew Marini, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Affiliations: Consultant, ProActive Chiropractic & Training Centre


Biography: Matthew is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Brock University, where he also graduated with his MA focused on Sport Psychology. He has worked with numerous varsity teams at Brock such as Men’s and Women’s basketball, wrestling, rowing, and curling. He has also worked with many local sport teams and organization around the Niagara region. With his colleagues at Brock and the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, he is now helping to spearhead the mental performance program for the NextGen rowers in the Brock hub. Focusing on athletes who are hoping to compete in 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo and the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris. Matthew has been a volunteer basketball coach for 10 years, where he found one of his main research focuses of Positive Youth Development and the importance of participating in organized sport. His Ph.D. research is focusing on helping athletes perform under pressure and trying to understand the psychological and physiological causes of why athletes choke under pressure. With the skills developed through mental performance consulting being highly transferable from sport to other aspects of life, such as work and business, Matthew’s goal is to help his clients improve in all aspects of their lives and continue to positively develop healthy life outcomes.


Language(s): English


location. St. Catherines, ON

email. matthew.aj.marini@gmail.com

phone. 905-359-5095

Paige Mattie

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. paige.mattie@gmail.com

Julia McAllister, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Affiliations: Consultant, Canadian Sport Psychology Association; Client Services Coordinator and Consultant, Greco Lean & Fit Orleans


Biography: Julia McAllister was born in Ottawa, Ontario and comes to the CSPA with a knowledge in not only Sport Psychology, but also in Health Sciences. She completed her Undergraduate degree and Masters degree at the University of Ottawa. Julia's ultimate passion in life is to help others, and believes there is nothing more important than investing in your own health and wellness (body AND mind). She lives each day to better the lives of those around her. In her spare time, Julia can be caught reading a book, spending time with friends and family or at the gym.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified for emergency first aid and CPR


Language(s): English, French


location. Ottawa, ON

email. jmcal047@uottawa.ca

phone. 613-864-5862

linkedin. www.linkedin.com/in/julia-mcallister-884683107

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Juliamentalperformanceconsulting

Beth McCharles, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Affiliations: Owner, McCharles Consulting; Facilitator & Mentor, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario; Mental Performance Consultant, Ryerson University

Biography: Dr. Beth McCharles is a performance coach and professional speaker. Her philosophy is to embrace challenges and harness unique abilities in order for one to reach their full potential. Beth combines her experience as a high performance athlete, coach and consultant to bring diverse concepts and practical application to her clients.

Dr. McCharles has worked with a number of different organizations such as Nike Inc, OneXOne, Canadian University Sport, Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Sport Institute. She has participated in 7 international games as an athlete, coach or sport psychologist and has over 15 years experience with top-rated universities as a lecturer, coach, consultant, and manager.

Dr. McCharles has her private practice in Toronto, ON; her clients consist of professional musicians, actors, dancers, executives and athletes. Beth is also a facilitator and mentor with theCanadian Sport Institute Ontario, and a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Beth has a BA of Human Kinetics from St. Francis Xavier University, Masters of Sport Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and a PhD of Behavioural Exercise Science from the University of Toronto.

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. beth@mccharlesconsulting.com

phone. 647-226-2023

website. www.mccharlesconsulting.com

twitter. @BethMcCharles

facebook. www.facebook.com/mccharlesconsulting

Fiona Meikle, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Fiona provides support to athletes in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. Fiona completed her Masters degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology at Bangor University, Wales. She then moved to Cardiff, Wales where she worked as a Sport Psychology Intern for three years at the Welsh Institute of Sport whilst completing her training to become Accredited with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

After completing her internship, Fiona was employed by the Welsh Institute of Sport as an external consultant. In this role Fiona provided support to elite athletes aiming to compete in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. In 2014, Fiona provided support to several teams and athletes in the lead up to and during the Commonwealth Games.

Fiona has worked with athletes aged 11 - 40+ and from development to professional, and specializes in working with elite student-athletes. She has also worked with businesses, the performing arts and the military.

Fiona now lives in Toronto where she is building up her client base. Prospective clients can expect to benefit from Fiona's wide range of skills that enable her to foster a lasting relationship that helps the client to overcome barriers, enhance their performance and achieve their goals.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support Course, Science Council Chartered Scientist, BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. Fiona.L.Meikle@gmail.com

website. www.FionaMeikle.com

twitter. @MeikleFiona

linkedin. www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-meikle

Stephanie Merenda, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Stephanie completed her undergraduate degree, majoring in both Kinesiology and Psychology at York University. Combining these degrees, Stephanie continued her studies at the University of Ottawa where she obtained a Masters in Human Kinetics specializing in Intervention and Consultation in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

With a client-centered approach, Stephanie works with athletes to increase awareness and enhance performance by developing individual and team strategies for success. Stephanie has experience working with recreational through to international level athletes in a variety of different sports such as curling, hockey, soccer, baton twirling, basketball, and rugby. Specifically, Stephanie held the position of Mental Conditioning Coach for the uOttawa Varsity Rugby Team and Bill Crothers S.S Prep Basketball Teams.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Language(s): English

location. Richmond Hill, ON

email. stephanielmerenda@gmail.com

phone. 647-289-4631

website. www.stephaniemerenda.com

twitter. @SportPsychSteph

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/stephaniemerenda

Lucy Mortimer, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Ottawa, ON

email. lucy.mortimer@bell.net

Jessica Murphy-Burke

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Carleton Place, ON

email. jessica.murphyburke@live.ca

Tharsheka Natkunam, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Skills Coach, Sececa College; Mental Skills Coach, Premiere Soccer Institute

Biography: Tharsheka is passionate about assisting individuals attain optimal mental and physical health through individual counselling and structured programming. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in sports psychology. Through her Masters she studied and applied principles of sports psychology, focusing on various areas of mental performance in sports, physical activity, health, and employment.

Tharsheka currently works as the Mental Skills Coach for Seneca College's Varsity teams and the Premiere Soccer Institute in Barrie.

Tharsheka has worked with various organizations in her consulting capacity, such as the YMCA-YWCA, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Downsize Fitness Center, and Carleton University’s Ravens Hockey camp.

Tharsheka has a strong passion for positive youth development and currently works at the YMCA of the Greater Toronto Area where she assists at risk youth find work through employment counselling and life skills workshops.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid – Canadian Mental Health Commission of Canada; Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction – Canadian Training Institute Negotiating with Employers – Canadian Training Institute; Defusing Anger, Resistance and Hostility – Canadian Training Institute.

Language(s): English

location. Toronto, ON

email. tharsheka@gmail.com

phone. 647-292-9032

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/tharshekanatkunam

Peter Papadogiannis, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant at The Sports Clinic, Athletes Care, and Toronto SEMI; Adjunct Professor at York University, University of Guelph-Humber, and Sheridan College

Biography: As a consultant, lecturer, and former university hockey goalie, Peter Papadogiannis, Ph.D. has been involved in a variety of athletic, organizational, and acad