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The Benefits of Certifications


Certification promotes quality 

  • Certification helps the public understand the importance of using mental performance consultants who have the background and training to provide quality services. 

  • AASP, CSPA, and the Certification Council have a strong commitment to support quality among mental performance consultants, and each person working in the field has a professional obligation to become certified and promote certification with our colleagues and students.

  • Certification provides a system through which experienced consultants can be recognized as having passed a rigorous examination. 

  • CSPA Professional membership is required for securing employment with COPSIN.    

Certification provides a quality service to the public

  • Individuals can go to the CSPA website to find a qualified CMPC® to meet their needs and to better understand the qualifications they should look for when selecting a consultant.

  • Each professional who wants to promote CSPA and applied sport psychology has a professional obligation to this public service function of certification.​


  • As more people become certified, CSPA marketing efforts will become more meaningful and effective.

  • As certified consultants become more visible:

    • Consumers will learn that sport psychology has something beneficial to offer them (e.g., help them perform better, enhance enjoyment, increase adherence, improve interpersonal relationships, reduce injuries, and promote healing). 

    • Individuals seeking consultation will look for a sport/performance psychology consultant who is CMPC® certified.

Certification helps increase consulting opportunities for CMPCs

Steps to Certification

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