Student Committee Bulletin 2020 | Bulletin 2020 du comité étudiant

The CSPA Student Committee has been hard at work this year, and we wish to acknowledge their accomplishments and next steps, which we were remiss in presenting at this year’s AGM.

Thank you to Student Committee Chair, Katrina Waldhauser, and the entire Student Committee!

Student Committee Accomplishments

  • Created a list of Canadian graduate programs (and associated supervisors) in sport and exercise psychology, including specific areas of focus, and links to each research lab.

  • Helped to organize the BC CSPA Regional Conference in June, which included student presenters who shared sport psychology research and case studies.

  • Created resources for students—soon to be shared online—such as flow chart pathways to becoming an MPC.

  • Built relationship with the Early Career Mental Performance Network (ECMPN), an online network of Canadian students and early career professionals interested in sharing and discussing sport psychology resources and topics.

Next Steps

  • Create and launch a dedicated page for students on the CSPA website, filled with resources such as FAQs, MPC pathways, and internship opportunities.

  • Continue to build relationships with the ECMPN network, including the option to host a "Graduate Student Coffee Chat" in the future.

Do you have ideas to share, or are you interested in getting involved with the CSPA Student Committee this year? Get in touch; we would love to hear from you! Committee Chair, Katrina Waldhauser:

Le comité étudiant de l’ACPS a travaillé dur cette année et nous tenons à souligner leurs réalisations et les prochaines étapes, ce que nous avons négligé durant la présentation de l’AGA cette année.