Safe Sport in Canada | La sécurité dans le sport au Canada

While sport presents an array of potential health and social benefits, it’s important to recognize that for some athletes, coaches, officials, and staff members, involvement in sport can be a harmful experience characterized by various forms of maltreatment (Kerr et al., 2020). Maltreatment has been defined as voluntary acts that result in or that have the potential to result in physical or psychological harm and includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, neglect, bullying, harassment and hazing (Stirling, 2009).

In order to eradicate instances of maltreatment in sport, educating all stakeholders to become more aware of the risks and outcomes associated with these behaviours is important. You can do your part with the help of these important resources:

Safe Sport Training

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has developed a free Safe Sport Training module accessible here:

Prevalence Study

Researchers at the University of Toronto, in partnership with AthletesCAN, conducted a study on the prevalence of maltreatment among current and former National Team Athletes. A detailed report can be found here:

CSPA Webinars

Be sure to check out CSPA Webinars #11 & 12 titled "Maltreatment in Sport: The role of the MPC" located in the ‘Members Only’ area of our website. These webinars are presented by Dr. Gretchen Kerr and Ellen MacPherson PhD(c). Dr. Kerr is a Professor and researcher at the University of Toronto and has served as a Harassment Officer for sport organizations for the past 25 years addressing concerns about maltreatment in sport. Ellen is PhD candidate at the University of Toronto and Director of Safe Sport at Gymnastics Canada.