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BC Regional (Virtual) Workshop 2020 | Workshop (virtuel) de la division régionale de la Colombie-Bri


2020 CSPA BC Regional (Virtual) Workshop

JUNE 6TH, 2020, 9am – 12 noon (PT)

The BC region of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) will be hosting a half-day ONLINE workshop centred around the theme of Taking your Mental Performance Consulting Online. The workshop will run between 9 am and 12 pm PT and will be FREE of charge. In addition to networking with other CSPA practitioners, participants will learn the professional standards established for online consulting sessions and online tools that will help you give engaging presentations with your audience.

A Special Word about Registration

Registration is now open to all CSPA members, and all professionals interested in becoming CSPA members. This ONLINE conference will be held on the ZOOM platform and will be limited to 100 participants.


Sessions and Schedule for Workshop

8 :45 – 9 :00 am - Sign-in to Conference

9 :00 – 9 :10 am - Welcome Remarks and Workshop Logistics

9:10 - 9:45 am - Lessons Learned About Consulting Online

9 : 45– 10:30 am - Online Networking Session through Case Study and Science Review

10:30 – 10:40 am - Bio Break and Stretch

10:40 – 11:25 am - Online Tools to Enhance Online Group Consultation

11 :25 – 11 :30 am - Closing of Workshop Activities

11 :30 – 12 :00 pm - CSPA BC Member AGM

Session Synopses

Lessons Learned about Consulting Online

Speaker : Dr. Shaunna Taylor

This session will inform practitioners about best practices for mental performance consultation held online. In this new era of telehealth services, an emphasis will be placed on ethical practice that aligns with Canadian Psychology Association (CPA) and Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

Online Networking Through Case Study and Science Review

Facilitators: Christie Gialloreto, Dr. Sharleen Hoar, Katrina Waldhauser

In this session, participants will get an opportunity to meet other practitioners and collectively discuss a case or evidence-based practice in a small group format. Student practitioners will be presenting the case/science study to the group. The group will enjoy lively conversation around tips and tricks used for best practice as it relates to the topic in the online breakout room. Each breakout room will have a facilitator to keep the conversation going.

Online Tools to Enhance Online Group Consultation

Speakers : Geoff Hackett, Zoran Stojkovic

Learn about the latest online tools available to augment your online presence during group workshops. In this session you will be introduced to several online tools, review the technical operation of each tool, and explore best practice for integrating the tools within online group settings. Get ready to up-skill your ‘online’ game.


Speakers : Christie Gialloreto (BC Regional Representative), Katrina Waldhauser (Student Representative) *BC Members who stay for this session will be entered into a draw for a CSPA ¾ Zip Sweater (valued at $80).

In this closing session, Christie Gialloreto, will bring together practitioners from BC who are interested in mental performance consulting. Canadian Sport Psychology Association activities occurring at the National level and the Provincial level will be reviewed. This is a safe place to discuss issues and make suggestions as a regional member to improve the activities that have been put in place by CSPA to support your professional service. Practitioners, who are not currently CSPA members or are CSPA members from a different region, are welcome at this session.

Speaker Bios

Shaunna Taylor, PhD., CCC, MPC (she – her – hers)

Chair & Professional member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association

Dr. Shaunna Taylor is the current Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and is a Professor at UBC Vancouver in the High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program. She is dedicated to holistic athlete and coach development through her work as the Executive Director of PacificSport Okanagan, and she sits on viaSport BC’s Girls and Women Advisory Group, as well as the provincial Safe Sport Working Group.

She has been consulting with coaches and athletes from grassroots to the Olympic/Paralympic level for 20 years, involved in athlete and integrated team support for over 8 Major Games cycles. She continues to operate her private practice and she has a special interest in creating a sport system that promotes holistic athlete development and honours duty of care to all participants. She earned her doctorate in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa, and is a certified clinical counsellor. Shaunna was previously a member of Hopewell Centres for Disordered Eating network in Ottawa and a practitioner at the Ottawa High Performance Centre (2004-2014).

Geoff Hackett, MHK, MPC


Professional member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association

Geoff is an MPC who works with athletes and coaches across Vancouver Island. He has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from the University of Windsor and is a Professional Member with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Geoff has various roles in the sport community, working as an MPC at the Canadian Sport Institute, a program coordinator at PacificSport Vancouver Island, and a technical coach at Nanaimo United Football club.

Zoran Stojkovic, MSc, MPC

Founder of Kizo Performance

Professional member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association

Zoran believes that we are all born to flourish in life. He equips people with mindset to get you there. His love for coaching and human performance led him to study how elite performers prepare for competition. He has two MSc degrees in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Zoran is a Mental Performance Consultant, a tennis coach, and a husband.




Atelier (virtuel) régional 2020 de l'ACPS en Colombie-Britannique