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Bromont, QC, Canada


Senécal, MA

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Mental Performance Consultant



Julie Senécal has 10 years of experience as a mental performance consultant. She completed her Bachelor's degree in psychology (University of Montreal, 2004) and her Master's degree in sport psychology (McGill University, 2006). She worked as a Biofeedback-Neurofeedback clinician for INS Quebec and McGill University for 4 years and worked as a mental performance consultant with INS Quebec and Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke. Julie worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports and performance levels, such as skiing, cycling, athletics, kayaking, volley-ball, and speed skating (long track).

Julie values improving the athlete's overall well-being and now includes mindfulness into her approach. Her goal is to help athletes and coaches to reduce stress and injury, to enhance self-awareness, focus and emotional regulation, and to improve performance and quality of life by including a mindfulness approach into the mental performance program. Julie lives in Bromont, Qc


Additional Training:

MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program - In progress; MPSE (Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement) program; Learning to live with pain with ACT and mindfulness - In progress - IFTCC




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