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Québec, QC, Canada


Béland, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, FMS-1, CSCF-3, ChPC



Patrick practiced his favourite sport since he was 4 years old, later. His passion for skiing lead him, 16 years ago, to start coaching young athletes. It is that same love of sport and what it bring to the life of people that drove him do pursue his education at University in Kinesiology and later in Sport Psychology. 

Today he strive to use the scientific knowledge and the coaching expertise to develop skills and ability that will help performers in any way of life. 

By using an unique combination of Physical training and Mental Performance coaching, you will not only become stronger, run faster and jump higher, but you will improve your visual acuity, decision making, reaction speed, focus and mental toughness. 

My job: helping you achieve your project.

Patrick has work as Mental Performance Consultant for Carleton University Women's Soccer and Rugby, Algonquin College Women's Soccer, Camp Fortune Ski Club, for the Ottawa Fury Women’s Professional Soccer team, Karate Canada and Alpine Ontario. He had the chance to work with international players from 6 different countries, 4 of which will played in the 2016 Olympics Games.


Additional Training:



English, French

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