CSPA Professional Members: Québec

Fanny Barthell Girard, MEd

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Mental Performance Consultation; Consultant, Excellence sportive de l'Île de Montréal (ESIM); Consultant, Centre de développement de l'Excellence sportive des Laurentides (CDESL); Consultant, Neurodezign; Chargée de cours, University of Chicoutimi (UQAC)

Biography: Fanny Barthell Girard was an Elite athlete in gymnastics for 15 years. She won consecutive provincial titles, participated in 10 national championships, won the Canada Games in 2003 and participated in the Olympic qualifications in 2004.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology with additional studies in Human Kinetics at McGill University in 2009. She then obtained a Master’s degree in Education at Boston University in 2011, where she studied Counseling with specialization in Sport Psychology.

Fanny now works with athletes, coaches, parents, clubs and federations from a wide variety of sports. She has helped athletes from different levels, ranging from the regional to the Olympic level, attain their goals. Her experience as an athlete, educator and consultant makes her a perfect candidate to understand the ups and downs of sport performances.

Fanny also teaches Sport Psychology-related classes in the Human Kinetics department at the University of Chicoutimi and is currently completing her BCIA certification in Biofeedback


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Biofeedback & Neurofeedback training

Language(s): English, French

location. Saint-Hubert, QC

email. fannybarthell@sportpsych.ca

phone. 438-826-0161

website. http://sportpsych.ca/

facebook. facebook.com/FannyBGSportPsych/

Patrick Béland, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, FMS-1, CSCF-3, ChPC

Biography: Patrick practiced his favourite sport since he was 4 years old, later. His passion for skiing lead him, 16 years ago, to start coaching young athletes. It is that same love of sport and what it bring to the life of people that drove him do pursue his education at University in Kinesiology and later in Sport Psychology. 


Today he strive to use the scientific knowledge and the coaching expertise to develop skills and ability that will help performers in any way of life. 


By using an unique combination of Physical training and Mental Performance coaching, you will not only become stronger, run faster and jump higher, but you will improve your visual acuity, decision making, reaction speed, focus and mental toughness. 


My job: helping you achieve your project.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Patrick has work as Mental Performance Consultant for Carleton University Women's Soccer and Rugby, Algonquin College Women's Soccer, Camp Fortune Ski Club, for the Ottawa Fury Women’s Professional Soccer team, Karate Canada and Alpine Ontario. He had the chance to work with international players from 6 different countries, 4 of which will played in the 2016 Olympics Games.


Language(s): English, French


location. Québec, QC

email. patrick@processperformanceproject.com

phone. 581-307-3566

website. wwwppproject.ca

twitter. @CoachPatB

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/patrick-béland-cscs

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Process-Performance-Project

Émilie Berthelot Gagné, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Mental Performance Consultation; Mental Performance Consultant, École secondaire de Mortagne (sport-studies program)

Biography: Émilie Berthelot Gagné holds a Master's in Physical Exercise Sciences, with a specialization in Intervention and Consulting in Sport and Physical Activity, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Université de Sherbrooke. She has attended several training sessions on grief, suicide and active listening as well as various conferences on sports psychology in both Canada and the United States including with the Association for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP) and the North American Society for psychology of sport and physical activity (NASPSPA). In addition, she was invited to participate as a mental performance consultant at an elite soccer camp in the summer of 2013 and 2014 where she introduced athletes to sport psychology through various workshops. She works mainly in sport-studies programs (Marie-rivier high school and De Mortagne high school) while having more than 5 years of experience as a mental performance consultant working with youth level through high performance varsity athletes across a variety of sports (espoir, relève, élite, excellence).


Language(s): French

location. Longueuil, QC

email. emilie.ebg@gmail.com

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/émilie-berthelot-gagné

facebook. facebook.com/berthelotgagneemilie/

Véronique Boudreault, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Professor, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


Biography:  Véronique has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a specialization in sport psychology from Laval University, Québec. She has been working as a Mental Performance Consultant with athletes and coaches supported by the  Québec Sport Institut since 2015. Through the years, She has worked in diverse sport and health settings (high school, hospital, private practice) and with different populations (elite, student-athletes, physically active adults). 


She is currently a full-time substitute professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières, Québec. In this position, she is working as a clinical supervisor and she teaches cognitive-behavioral therapy to doctoral students in clinical psychology. She is also conducting research' projects aiming to better understand the performance and well-being of elite athletes.

Language(s): French


location. Québec, QC

email. veronique.boudreault.psy@gmail.com

phone. (819) 376-5011 ext. 4020

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/v%C3%A9ronique-boudreault-ph-d-6309a09a/

facebook. @VeroniqueBoudreaultSportPsych

Gordon Bloom, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Professor, Consultant

Biography: A current and founding member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, Dr. Gordon Bloom earned his PhD degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Ottawa and has been working in the field for over 25 years. He is currently the director of the McGill Sport Psychology Research Laboratory that is designed to help athletes and coaches achieve personal development and performance success. Gordon is an active mental performance consultant who has consulted with Olympic, professional, and amateur athletes from many different sports, including those who have won Gold Medals at the highest levels of competition. Gordon has also worked with performers in other contexts including business, the performing arts, and academia. Gordon is a well published author and practitioner with regular appearances on various communication platforms, such as radio and television. His work as a mental performance consultant is linked to his research and teaching, where his focus is to teach people to deal with performance pressures by providing information, skills, and support for the athlete/performer/leader/coach who want to improve their mental game.

Language(s): English

location. Montréal, QC

email. gordon.bloom@mcgill.ca

phone. 514-398-4184, ext. 0516

website. https://www.mcgill.ca/sportpsych/

Elodie Brault, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant, Perfoplus

Biography: Elodie Brault is passionate about sports. As an elite athlete in ringette for several years, she now combines her passion for sport with her career.

Since 2011 she has been working as a development agent for the Conseil de développement du sport de Gatineau providing support to athletes, coaches and players in the region.

In December 2014 Elodie got her Masters degree in Human Kinetics, Intervention and Consultation Profile from the University of Ottawa. She now works as a mental preparation specialist with various athletes from the region, in addition to collaborating with the Nicolas-Gatineau high school ringette « sport-études » program.

To improve her knowledge of coaching, Elodie is currently completing the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) at the competition and development level and is working towards becoming a coach facilitator.

Actively involved in her community as a volunteer, Elodie is: a member of the Commission Loisir Sport et vie communautaire de la Ville de Gatineau and a board member of the Pat-Burns Foundation, as well as a founding member of the non-profit organization Ringfit. Her goal is to contribute to sport development in the region.

Language(s): English, French

location. Gatineau, QC

email. elodie@perfoplus.ca

phone. 819-918-3705

website. www.perfoplus.ca

facebook. facebook.com/perfoplus/

Camille Charbonneau, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Peak Perform

Biography: Camille Charbonneau is the founder and lead Mental Performance Consultant at Peak Perform. She obtained her Master degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa where she studied Intervention and Consultation in sport, physical activity and health. She completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Physical and Health Education and was taught by some of the leading consultants in the world of sport and performance psychology.

Camille has worked with musicians, athletes, coaches, children, and business leaders. Her experience as an athlete, educator, and personal trainer, make her a consultant with a wide variety of skills that can successfully enhance people's performance and increase their wellness emotionally, mentally, and physically.

She keeps active through running, swimming, weight lifting, and the sport of rugby which she has been playing for over a decade. She completed the well-known Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program which has helped her appreciate meditation, as she believes that it is key in cultivating mindfulness, and essentially in improving overall performance.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (2016); Registered Naturotherapist, AQTN (2016); Teaching Diploma issued by Quebec (2013); Certified Personal Trainer, ANIE (2011)

Language(s): English, French

location. Montréal, QC

email. ccharbonneau@peakperform.ca

phone. 514-561-2264

website. www.peakperform.ca

twitter. @PeakPerformMPC

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/camillecharbonneau

facebook. www.facebook.com/Peak-Perform-Mental-Performance-Consulting

Jeff Caron, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal

Biography: Dr. Jeff Caron has a PhD in sport psychology from McGill University and he completed postdoctoral fellowships at McGill University and Yale University. He is now a faculty member in the School of Kinesiology and Physical Activity Sciences at Université de Montréal, where he teaches undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in sport and exercise psychology.


Jeff has a research program that focuses on psychosocial aspects of sport-related concussions. Specifically, he is interested in the effective dissemination of concussion education and how to optimize athletes’ return to sport following a concussion.


Jeff’s interest in sport psychology developed from his time as an ice hockey player in the NCAA, QMJHL, and USports. Those experiences inform his applied sport psychology work with athletes and coaches who are interested in maximizing their enjoyment, well-being, and performance in sport.

Language(s): English, French

location. Montréal, QC

email. jeffrey.caron@umontreal.ca

phone. 514-343-6111 ext. 36396

twitter. @CaronJG

Roxane Carrière, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Excellence Sportive Québec-Lévis, Clinique du Peps (Université Laval)

Biography: Roxane Carrière is currently a PhD Candidate at Laval University specializing in Sport Psychology where she collaborates on innovative research focusing on the positive development of student-athletes. More specifically, she contributed to establishment of a life skills training program designed for stakeholders working in the school sport context under the supervision of leading researchers in the field. She previously completed her Master’s degree in Physical Activity at the University of Montreal (2016) where she explored the development of tactical creativity in team sports and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at McGill University (2012). 


As a mental performance consultant for various bodies including the Center for Sport Québec-Lévis and the Clinique du Peps at Laval University, Roxane works with athletes, and sports teams competing at all levels. Her objective is to enhance the performance of athletes through mental skills training (e.g., goal setting, performance anxiety, concentration) and to ensure their psychological well-being to spur positive experiences through sport. Although home-based in Quebec City, Roxane regularly works in the Montreal area where she started her career in mental performance in 2015.

Language(s): English, French

location. Québec, QC

email. roxanecarriere@hotmail.com

phone. 514-609-2407

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/roxane-carriere-28644171/

Sommer Christie, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Sommer Christie is a Professional Mental Performance Consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) and official service provider for the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary. Sommer completed her PhD at the University of Calgary and her doctoral research investigated whether biofeedback and neurofeedback training improves an athlete’s ability to focus and manage arousal/anxiety therefore enhancing ice hockey shooting performance. She completed her Masters of Human Kinetics with concentration in Intervention and Consultation at the University of Ottawa in May 2011, for which she received the Dean’s Scholarship from the Faculty of Graduate Postdoctoral Studies. She also, received her Bachelor of Science with distinction in Exercise Science with specialization in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University in 2003.


Sommer was a National-level rugby player and has competed for Canada in two World Cup’s, the Word University Games, and several International test matches.


Currently, she is working as a Mental Performance Consultant and her main focus is to facilitate the enhancement of performance through mental skills training. She works with multiple athletes/performers/coaches competing at different levels, including Olympic, Paralympic, National and Provincial level hockey, football, canoe/kayak, alpine, equestrian, curling, figure skating, cross-country, and rugby.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Biofeedback and Neurofeedback; Mental Health First Aid


Language(s): English, French


location. Montreal, QC

email. schristie_9@me.com

twitter. @SommerChristie

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/sommerchristie

facebook. facebook.com/SommerChristieMPC

Lior Doron, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Quebec Business Association for Teachers; Teacher, English Montréal School Board; Owner, Flow in Sports

Biography: Coach Doron has been consulting and teaching sports psychology since 2001. He is currently the owner and president of Flow in Sports (www.flowinsports.com) and the Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy (www.tspa.ca). Throughout his career, he has always been able to get the most out of his athletes through a dedicated e-learning platform in which he helps athletes create, recreate and maintain Flow in Sports or an ideal performance state. This approach is beneficial not only for athletes but for any professionals who are seeking to maximize their performance. He provides individual and group consultations, workshops and the possibility in downloading individual or yearlong courses to help improve mental skills. Contact him to take your performance to the next level!

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified hockey referee and tennis professional.

Language(s): English, French

location. Côte Saint-Luc, QC

email. ldoron@flowinsports.com

phone. 514-963-3569

website. www.flowinsports.com; www.tspa.ca

twitter. @flowinsports1

facebook. facebook.com/flowinsports

Catherine Duchesne

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Montréal, QC

email. cathduchesne@hotmail.com

Kara Egelton-Martin

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Montréal, QC

email. kara@karafitness.com

Marie-Eve Foster

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Victoriaville, QC

email. mariee.foster@hotmail.com

Chloé Gagnon, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant, Chloe Gagnon Performance

Biography:  Her love for sport, performance and her desire to support athletes in achieving their goals are what lead Chloé Gagnon to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. As a former ringette and softball elite athlete, a coach and a kinesiologist she greatly enjoyed helping athletes enhance their physical, technical and tactical performances, but she found a true passion for learning about sports psychology, mental skills, mental training and the impact of mental performance on growth and success during the completion of her Master’s degree in Human Kinetics with a concentration in consultation and intervention. 


Now working as a mental performance consultant, Chloé is always looking for ways to improve and challenge herself. She has worked with regional, provincial and national athletes from a variety of sport such as ringette, hockey, softball, baseball, figure skating, speed skating, football and she is more recently involved with the Women’s Goalball National Paralympic Team and the Shooting Federation of Canada.   


Chloé’s values for growth, collaboration, surpassing oneself and communication which is reflected during her daily interactions with her clients. She is always enthusiastic about making new enriching encounter.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid; Certified Personal Trainer; NCCP Certified Softball and Ringette Coach

Language(s): English, French

location. Gatineau, QC

email. gagnon.mpc@gmail.com

phone. 514-686-3613

Chloé Grégoire, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Grégoire Préparation Mentale; Mental Performance Consultant, Conseil de Développement Excellence Sportive Laurentides (CDESL)

Biography:  Chloé completed her Master degree in Human Kinetics, Concentration Intervention and Consultation at the University of Ottawa. She also got an undergraduate degree in Psychology at University of Montreal.


She is now consulting with identified athletes and high-school athletes in collaboration with the Conseil de Développement de l'Excellence Sportive des Laurentides (CDESL). Chloe has worked with athletes from both individual and team sports and performing artists.

Language(s): English, French

location. Terrebonne, QC

email. g.preparation.mentale@gmail.com

phone. 514-497-2582

website. https://gpreparationmental.wixsite.com/monsite

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Gregoire-Preparation-Mentale-596166887499428/

Wayne Halliwell, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Beaconsfield, QC

email. whalliwell@videotron.ca

Heidi Malo, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, HM Consulting; Consultant, Conseil Développement Excellence Sportive Laurentides; Consultant, Clinique Sport Santé Laurentides

Biography: As a graduate from the University of Ottawa's M.K. program in 2010, Heidi has been working in the field of mental performance consulting ever since. Heidi has gained experience working with athletes of all levels, from development to national level. She has helped athletes prepare for provincial and national championships, Canada winter games, youth olympics, university games, world cups, world championships. She has also helped athletes from Canada, Australia and Gabon prepare for the Sochi and Rio Olympics - in snowboarding, freestyle skiing and judo. 
As an ex-ski racer, Heidi's passion for snow lead her to travel from one hemisphere to another for 6 years of consecutive winters! After her racing career, she taught and coached alpine skiing in Canada, Austria and New Zealand. Her experience as an athlete, coach and now mental skills consultant has helped her connect and build a quick rapport with athletes. 

Heidi consults with a diversified set of athletes in both summer and winter sports: athletics, synchronized swimming, figure skating, snowboarding, free-ski, cycling, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, alpine skiing, judo, fencing, swimming, canoe-kayak etc. 

Her work philosophy: "Train with no regrets, compete with no regret”. 

Language(s): English, French

location. Saint-Sauveur, QC

email. heidimalo@gmail.com

phone. 450-694-0009

website. www.heidimalo.com

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/heidi-malo

facebook. facebook.com/HeidiMaloMentalPerformanceConsultant/

Angela Malorni, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Saint-leonard, QC

email. angela_malorni@hotmail.com

Jean François Ménard, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Founder and President, Kambio Performance

Biography: Jean François Ménard is widely recognized for his contributions to the field of performance psychology. At the age of 25 and fresh out of graduate school, he joined the world famous entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil as their performance psychology specialist. He founded Kambio Performance in 2013 and has since become one of the most sought-after mental performance specialists in the country. Over the years, he helped athletes win gold medals in the 3 biggest major sporting events: Commonwealth, PanAms and Olympic Games. He is an accomplished speaker with over 300 keynote speeches delivered to a wide range of results-oriented professionals in North America, Europe and Asia. His client list includes organizations such as Cirque Du Soleil, FBI, Cisco, Roche, Canadian Olympic Committee, Western Union, and elite performers like Olympics gold-medalists, X-Games champions, NHL players and world-acclaimed musicians. He is based in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Language(s): English, French

location. Montréal, QC

email. jfmenard@kambioperformance.com

phone. 514-290-0317

website. www.kambioperformance.com

twitter. @jfmenardkambiop

facebook. facebook.com/jf.menard.12

Elizabeth Migneron, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Consultant, Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke and Excellence Sportive Montérégie

Biography: Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Ottawa University; a certificate in social work from Université Laval; and a masters in psychopedagogy, with a specialization in sport psychology, from Université Laval. Her love for the field of sport psychology developed as she was starting her coaching career in short track speed skating while working in different mental health and suicide prevention resources in Quebec City. Now residing in Sherbrooke, she continues coaching and works with different athletes through Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke. Since 2014, she works with student-athletes from high school or university, from regional to international level. As a consultant, her goal is to help athletes and coaches reach their full potential in a holistic way.


Elizabeth also holds the position of High Performance Director for Ontario Speed Skating. In this function, she is responsible for developing athletes and coaches and supporting the association’s multi-year High Performance Management Plan through the NextGEN Provincial Training Program.


As continuing education is important to her, she participates regularly to different conferences, workshops and webinars on diverse topics in coaching or sport psychology (i.e. AASP, APA Div. 47, etc.).

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Advanced Coaching Diploma

Language(s): English, French

location. Sherbrooke, QC

email. eli.migneron@gmail.com

phone. 819-238-9436

Stephanie Ouellet

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Montmagny, QC

email. jsteph99anie@hotmail.com

Marie-Helene Paquette, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Marie-Helene Paquette Consultation; Consultant, Kambio Performance


Biography: Marie-Helene Paquette lives a unique, engaging lifestyle! On one hand, she is busy working with a wide range of result-oriented athletes as their mental performance consultant, and on the other hand, she pushes her own athletic abilities, competing in surf lifesaving races. Since graduating with a Master’s program in performance psychology, Marie-Helene has been privileged to coach athletes from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Brazil, and the United States. She has a clear understanding of what it takes to reach the top, and as a result, athletes are drawn by her innate desire to win! Over the years, her mental training coaching helped athletes reach the podium at major games, such as the X-Games and the Olympic Games. Her clientele is diversified, ranging from individual and team sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, figure skating, swimming, surfing, soccer, volleyball, baseball, martial arts, diving, and tennis. Marie-Helene lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified Personal Trainer, ANIE; Certified Instructor, Life Saving Canada


Language(s): English, French


location. Montréal, QC

email. mh2paquette@gmail.com

phone. 514-778-5800

website. www.mariehelenepaquette.com

facebook. www.facebook.com/mhpaquette

Martine Parent, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Certified Canadian Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Biography: Her consulting philosophy is athlete-centered and focuses on the whole human experience as well as looking at the role of emotions within the sport. Her mission is to help athletes, coaches and teams to have a positive growing life and sport experiences. Her interest is based on diverse sport experiences as well a personal commitment to mental and physical well-being. Mental skills can improve athletic performance and quality of life by bringing the individuals or teams to discover what is best within themselves for their sport or life, unlocking their full potential. She has worked with a wide variety of athletes of various disciplines, ages and levels of competition. She also delivers workshops on the topics of sport psychology.

“You first must be in control of yourself before you can control your performance” - Sports Psychologist Kenneth Ravizza

Areas of Expertise: goal setting; mental imagery; relaxation; team building; dealing w/ setbacks; time management; concentration; refocus; confidence building; stress/anxiety management; life balance; communication skills; improving recovery and injury rehabilitation; emotional management that leads to performance enhancement and positive personal development

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Language(s): English, French

location. Gatineau, QC

email. mentalskill@hotmail.com

phone. 613-298-6665

website. http://martineparent.yolasite.com/

Lan-Anh Phan, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Montréal, QC

email. lphan.mpc@gmail.com

Jamie Rebner, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Lead Mental Performance Consultant, Bulletproof Mind Consulting; Naturotherapist, Alliance Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels


Biography: Jamie is a mental performance consultant who takes a holistic approach to reaching one’s potential. Having completed his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, in conjunction with working as a personal trainer, he recognizes the crucial role that physical fitness plays in athletes’ success. However, he has learned, through the completion of his two Master’s degrees in sport and exercise psychology, that the mental side of sport is equally important.

He has experience working with athletes in both team and individual sports, and across a wide range of ages. Specifically, he has worked extensively with combat sport athletes, who face unique mental challenges in training and competition. Another area of focus of his is helping individuals who are dealing with significant injuries, concussions in particular. He offers emotional support and guidance throughout the rehabilitation process and beyond.

His approach involves sitting down with athletes one-on-one and having honest conversations. By engaging his clients in thought-provoking discussion, they can experience positive growth and self-discovery. He firmly believes that you get out of mental training what you put into it; if you are willing to work hard to accomplish your goals, then he will be with you every step of the way.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified in Mental Health First Aid, Certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (In Progress), Certified Personal Trainer


Language(s): English

location. Montréal, QC

email. bulletproofmindconsulting@gmail.com

website. www.bulletproofmindconsulting.com

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-rebner-aa1574b6/

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/bulletproofmindconsulting/

Véronique Richard, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Consultant, National Institute of Sport; Consultant, Cirque du Soleil; Researcher, National Circus School


Biography:  Veronique Richard earned her doctoral degree in sport science from the University of Montreal then went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in sport psychology at Florida State University. Her research focuses on the effects of creativity enhancement on motor performance and psychological adaptation.


She is currently having a rich and varied performance psychology practice primarily working as a mental performance consultant with different Canadian national teams athletes. As a Mental Performance Advisor for Cirque du Soleil, Veronique Richard supports artists to optimize their performance and ensure their well-being. Additionally, she is an associate researcher at the Montreal National Circus School working on several creativity projects.

Finally, building on her research and applied experiences, she has designed a program to stimulate creativity which combines movement improvisation, creative problem solving and collective ideation. With this program, she has helped organizations around the world to create their next practice.

Language(s): English, French

location. Sherbrooke, QC

email. veronique_richard03@hotmail.com

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/v%C3%A9ronique-richard-5a25177b/

Julie Senécal, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Julie Senécal has 10 years of experience as a mental performance consultant. She completed her Bachelor's degree in psychology (University of Montreal, 2004) and her Master's degree in sport psychology (McGill University, 2006). She worked as a Biofeedback-Neurofeedback clinician for INS Quebec and McGill University for 4 years and worked as a mental performance consultant with INS Quebec and Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke. Julie worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports and performance levels, such as skiing, cycling, athletics, kayaking, volley-ball, and speed skating (long track).

Julie values improving the athlete's overall well-being and now includes mindfulness into her approach. Her goal is to help athletes and coaches to reduce stress and injury, to enhance self-awareness, focus and emotional regulation, and to improve performance and quality of life by including a mindfulness approach into the mental performance program.
Julie lives in Bromont, Qc.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program - In progress; MPSE (Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement) program; Learning to live with pain with ACT and mindfulness - In progress - IFTCC

Language(s):  French

location. Bromont, QC

email. consultation_juliesenecal@yahoo.ca

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/juliesenecal

Amélie Soulard, PsyD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental performance consultant, Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke; Professionnelle affiliée, Institut National du Sport du Québec; Chargée de cours, Université de Sherbrooke

Biography: Amélie Soulard has over six years of experience as a mental training consultant with athletes of various levels (espoir, relève, élite, excellence). As part of her Masters in sports psychology, pedagogy and intervention from the University of Ottawa (2003), she worked with athletes from Canada, France and Singapore. She has completed a doctorate degree in organisational psychology at the University of Sherbrooke (2016). She currently works at Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke with athletes from the Eastern townships, as well as at INS-Québec. In the last year, over 12 of her clients were selected to compete in RIO's Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mindfulness and ACT for anxiety management, chronic pain and children and adolescent - IFTCC

Language(s): English, French

location. Sherbrooke, QC

email. ameliesoulard2002@hotmail.com

phone. 819-349-7600

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/amélie-soulard

facebook. facebook.com/amelie.soulard.1

Christiane Trottier

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Quebec, QC

email. christiane.trottier@fse.ulaval.ca

Kathleen Yeo

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Chelsea, QC

email. katiegyeo@gmail.com

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