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Lindsay Berard, C Psych Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant, Toogood Consulting

Biography: Lindsay is a mental performance consultant, and a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology. She provides services under the supervision of Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood. Through her extensive background working in a hospital, community, and private practice settings, she is trained to assess and treat performance and mental health issues including anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, difficult life transitions, self-development, and burnout.

Lindsay offers a holistic approach when working with athletes, helping them become well-rounded and mentally strong. She has experience and works with athletes across all levels of performance and age-groups. During individual sessions, Lindsay incorporates techniques to help athletes develop a sense of who they are, helping to identify and amplify their strengths and directing focus onto the areas that they struggle with. Through feedback and support, athletes are provided with the opportunity to apply and practice skills to develop into the athlete and individual they want to be.

Lindsay is also recognized as a strong speaker and workshop developer and is called upon to offer workshops related to mental health, team collaboration, sport performance, leadership, and wellness/ self-care.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Trained in various evidence-based psychological treatments including: cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based CBT, cognitive processing therapy (CPT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), emotion-focused and interpersonal treatment. 

Language(s): English

email. lindsay@drtoogood.com

website. https://drtoogood.com

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Scott Erickson, MEd

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Scott Erickson Performance Consultant; Authorized Provider, Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba; Professional Member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association; Certified Member, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Biography: Scott has a particular interest in how our sense of our own identity as an athlete/performer affects performance and has some unique ways of helping people connect with a sense of identity that fits best with their goals. His consulting clients include high-performance athletes, business leaders and performing artists. He also provides psychotherapy for families and children. He speaks on topics from sport and workplace performance to the importance of laughter and play. Scott was awarded the Jim Henderson Dedicated Service Award in Health and Performance Psychology in 2012.

Language(s): English

location. Winnipeg, MB
email. scottmerickson@gmail.com
phone. 204-783-6820
twitter. @yourmentaledge
facebook. facebook.com/Scott-Erickson-Performance-Consulting

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Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Toogood Consulting; Director of Sport Psychology, Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba; Adjunct Professor, University of Manitoba
Biography: Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood has a rare combination of both clinical and sport psychology training. She is able to work with athletes to both enhance performance and manage mental wellness as they pursue elite sport. Dr. Leslie-Toogood has extensive experience working with athletes in both Canada and the United States at all levels of performance, she has attended almost every multi-sport games from the Canada Games to the Olympics and Paralympics, and has travelled extensively with a wide range of teams. She works with several national team programs including Golf Canada and Hockey Canada. She is currently the Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and an active member of several other professional associations.
Dr. Leslie-Toogood believes in empowering people to manage their humanity so they are able to maximize their human potential. She works hard to ensure that athletes are able to fully enjoy their entire sport experience (the highs and lows) and that they are continually learning and growing both as a person and an athlete. Her personal mission statement is “passion, commitment and intensity unleash a new freedom of an energetic, balanced and holistic person who is healthy for life”.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Works with Bio- & Neuro- Feedback

Language(s): English

location. Winnipeg, MB
email. adrienne@drtoogood.com
website. drtoogood.com
twitter. @_drtoogood

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Laura Pollice, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, OptiMind; Naturotherapist, Association Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels
Biography: As a mental performance consultant and an athlete, Laura knows what it takes to be the best that you can be. Having experience in both team and individual sports, understanding the skills needed in both of these environments is an asset. Laura began her training as a mental performance consultant, specializing in psychology at the University of Concordia. She then completed her formal training with a master's in human kinetics at the University of Ottawa. From her experience as an athlete and her training as a mental performance consultant, Laura can provide athletes and coaches alike, with services that explore the mental side to performance needed to help improve skills on and off the pitch.

Language(s): English, French

location. Portage La Prairie, MB
email. laura_pollice@hotmail.com
phone. 514-924-3979
linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/laura-pollice
facebook. facebook.com/laurapollicempc

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Jacqueline Rano, MD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant & Professional Member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA); Professional Member, Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

Biography: Dr. Jacqueline Rano works as a Mental Performance Consultant both in Hamilton, ON and Winnipeg, MB. Jacqueline’s background and training is unique. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, where she swam and coached for Manta Swim Club and completed her Psychology degree at the University of Manitoba. She completed her Master of Science degree in Sport Psychology at Lund University in Sweden in 2015. During this time, she also completed a Sport Psychology internship at the Canadian Sport Centre and was supervised by Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood working with the U of M Bisons Golf and Hockey teams. Jacqueline then went on to pursue medicine and completed medical school in 2020. Jacqueline currently lives in Hamilton and is an Emergency Medicine resident physician at McMaster University. She hopes to pursue a fellowship in Sports Medicine and bring together the mental and physical components of athletic performance. In the meantime, Jacqueline remains active in her consulting work and continues to expand her training in mental performance. She is passionate about working with athletes of all ages to set and achieve their goals, placing special emphasis on maintaining focus, resilience training, and the use of visualization and imagery through a Mindfulness based approach.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: formal training in Biofeedback, Psychophysiology, and Mindfulness.

Language(s): English

location. Hamilton, ON & Winnipeg, AB 

email. jacqueline.rano@gmail.com

phone. 204 795 - 7300

twitter. @JacquelineRano

linkedin. @JacquelineRano