CSPA Professional Members: British Columbia

Kirsten Barnes, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, Canadian Sport Psychology Association, British Psychological Society, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences


Biography: Kirsten has been working as a mental performance consultant since 1998. She graduated from University of Victoria in 1993 and completed a PhD in sport psychology from the University of Bristol, England in 1998. She became a British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) accredited practitioner in 1999. Kirsten competed for Canada in rowing at the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games. She is a double Olympic gold medallist from the 1992 Games. In the UK Kirsten worked as a sport psychology consultant in sport as well as in business leadership and performance consultancy from 1997-2007. She was the National Lead for Sport Psychology for the English Institute of Sport. She has also been a sport psychology consultant to the British Olympic Association for the 2000 Olympic Games and a consultant to the Commonwealth Games Council for England in preparation for and during the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Kirsten returned to Canada in 2007 and began working with the Canadian Sport Institute in 2009. She is the Lead for Mental Performance and has provided support to Canadian Rowing, Women's Rugby, Cycling, Swimming, Athletics and Alpine Skiing National team programs as well support to individual athletes.


Language(s): English

location. Victoria, BC

email. kbarnes@csipacific.ca

phone. 778 994-3368

website. www.csipacific.ca



John Coleman, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner of Axis Consulting, Calgary Sports Institute

Biography: Dr. John Coleman helps people achieve high-performance by connecting them with their internal engine to conquer fear and unleash their unique brilliance. John has an expanded vision for the clients he works with that has helped individuals and teams win dozens of medals on the Olympic and Paralympic world stage.

His approach for consistent success involves using proven methods that draw on empirical knowledge and intuitive insights, and is inclusive and applicable to anyone seeking to raise the level of their performance to realize their full potential.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid - Accredited

Language(s): English, French

location. Victoria, BC

email. apusiak@gmail.com

phone. 403-688-7023

David Cox, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University

Biography: David Cox is a clinical psychologist and professor in the Clinical psychology training program in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. He serves as a sport psychology consultant to numerous provincial, national and professional athletes, sports teams and organizations. He is also currently the Chair of SportMed BC

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. cox@sfu.ca

phone. 250-490-1628

Laura Farres, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: CEO, Mind in Motion Consulting; Instructor, Sport Science Department, Douglas College; Supervisor, MPC Program, Douglas College Athletics; Adjunct Professor, Theatre Department, UBC

Biography: Laura has a PhD in Education from the University of Ottawa. Her formal training is in the area of educational psychology and the psychology of performance. She is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) and has worked in the field as an applied practitioner for over 20 years. In addition, Laura is a chartered professional coach (Ch.P.C.) with Coaches of Canada and a Learning Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). She applies her knowledge and skills as a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) to sport, exercise, health, and business contexts through her private consulting practice, Mind in Motion Consulting. She has worked with a number of national, provincial and regional organizations in this capacity including providing support as an MPC at both Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Championships, and Canada Games. She has been an instructor at Douglas College in the Department of Sport Science for over 10 years and is also an adjunct professor in the Theatre Department at the University of British Columbia teaching a course on Performance Psychology.

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. drlaura@mindinmotion.ca

phone. 604-512-3256

website. www.mindinmotion.ca

twitter. @DrLauraMPC

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/laurafarres

Leanne Fielding, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Canadian Certified Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Biography: Leanne has a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She is also a professional member of the Canadian Sports Psychology Association. Leanne has twenty years of counselling experience in a wide variety of settings within the counselling profession. She has been a Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician with Langley Child and Youth Mental Health for over 10 years. Through her private counselling practice, Leanne also provides Mental Performance Consulting to individuals, and groups of athletes including provincial and varsity teams.

Language(s): English

location. Langley, BC

email. lfielding68@gmail.com

phone. 778-960-6999

website. leannefielding.com

Dave Freeze, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, RippleRock Consulting, Consultant, Team BC

Biography: Dave has a diverse background that includes years of international athletic competition, wilderness guiding, business ownership and a proven track record as an executive coach, counsellor and human performance consultant.

As a performance specialist, Dave focuses on how the mind can be used as a powerful tool to change behaviours, attain goals, and achieve athletic, business and personal success. Over the past fifteen years, he has provided one-on-one performance coaching to thousands of clients. Dave’s unique perspective and track record of proven results are used by a wide variety of clients ranging from sport organizations, teams and individual athletes competing at the local, provincial, national and world level. Through programs tailored to specific needs, Dave works with his clients to develop a clear vision and build belief systems and expectations that will lead to higher performance and accomplishment.

Dave’s philosophy is simple and he knows one thing for certain: Better is Always Possible. And whether you’re a business executive, performing artist, or an athlete, he can help you Get There.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Clinical Hypnosis, Trauma Informed Practice, Suicide Prevention, Critical Incident Stress, and Emotional Freedom


Language(s): English

location. Kamloops, BC

email. dave@ripplerockconsulting.com

phone. 250-318-1099

website. www.ripplerockconsulting.com

twitter. @ripplerockboss

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/david-freeze

facebook. facebook.com/davefreeze

Roger Friesen

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Abbotsford, BC

email. roger.friesen@ufv.ca

Christie Gialloreto, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, CGHeadcoach Consulting; Canadian Certified Counsellor, CCPA; Registered Psychologist, College of Alberta Psychologists.

Biography: Christie has been in private practice for over 18 years working with athletes of all ages on performance enhancement and personal counselling. A Masters in Athletic Counselling from Springfield College, she has counselled individuals and teams from recreational to professional and Olympic levels.

As a Mental Training Consultant, her goal is to increase an athlete’s awareness and understanding of how their cognitive patterns influence performances on and off the field of play. Educating clients on ways to integrate and apply mental skills and performance strategies into their daily training routines enhancing mental game strength for positive performances and personal growth.

Christie is an external consultant with the Canadian Sport Institute-Pacific as well as the Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence in Victoria. She is also a member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.

Christie has provided mental training tips in blogs and weekly tips for PISE members as well as articles and interviews for the Times Colonist, CTV local and national news. She is listed as a contributing author of an article published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine (The Prevalence of Failure-Based Depression among Elite Athletes, July 2013).


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Continuing Education in areas such as CBT, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Mindfulness,Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Critical Incident Stress Management.


Language(s): English

location. Victoria, BC

email. cgheadcoach@shaw.ca

twitter. @HEADcoachpro

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/CGHeadcoach

Geoff Hackett, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Mind Power MPC; Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Biography: Geoff Hackett has a Masters in Human Kinetics (Sport Psychology) from the University of Windsor. He is the owner of Mind Power MPC and is a MPC at the Canadian Sport Institute - Pacific. In addition to consulting, he works out of PacificSport Vancouver Island, a provincial sport hub which services physical literacy and development programs to athletes, coaches, and parents, and is a technical coach at Nanaimo United Football Club. In his spare time, Geoff enjoys spending time outdoors where he can be found hiking, skiing, fishing around Vancouver Island.

Language(s): English

location. Nanaimo, BC

email. mindpowermpc@gmail.com

website. www.mindpowermpc.com​

twitter. @mindpowermpc

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/geoff-hackett-443b8974/

facebook. facebook.com/mindpowermpc


Trevor Hale, PsyD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner of Head First Champion Mindsets, CEO Trevor Hale Consulting, Mental Performance consultant SportMedBC, British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, Faculty at Douglas College-Sport Science Dpt.

Biography: Trevor’s personal history as a high-performance athlete helped him explore the boundaries of human performance. Initially this was through testing his own physical and psychological limits in a personal pursuit of sport excellence, and later through the study of Psychology and Human Movement Studies. Professionally Trevor works with individuals and teams in sport, business, and everyday life to explore, challenge, and expand their potential. His goal is always to support and challenge people in achieving their goals—Regardless if you are an Olympic, developmental, or recreational level athlete; business leader; or someone looking to up their performance Trevor can help you achieve your maximum potential. Trevor’s life-long personal and professional pursuit of excellence, and international professional experience in sport and performance psychology gives him a breadth of knowledge and experience that uniquely qualify him to support you to develop your talent and maximize your potential.

During these uncertain times Dr. Trevor Hale would like to offer his assistance to athletes and their family members in dealing with uncertainty, anxiety and grief & loss over the postponement or suspension of most competitions. Trevor realizes this is a significant shift for many athletes and poses a considerable challenge to remain focused and excited in light of all the other health concerns they may have for family and friends.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Doctor or Sport and Performance Psychology (PsyD) Master of Science (MSc) Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHkin) Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) Member of Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) Sport Psychology / Mental performance Coach for multiple National and Provincial teams

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. trevor@trevorpsych.com

phone. 778-223-2749

website. www.trevorpsych.com

Sharleen Hoar, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Coastal Human Performance; Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Lethbridge; Mental Performance Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute-Pacific

Biography: Sharleen Hoar (Ph.D.) has been supporting elite and aspiring performers of all ages to achieve personal and performance excellence since 1996. She is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and is a mental performance consultant with the Canadian Sport Institute (Pacific) and the National Coaching Institute (Victoria). Dr. Hoar is an Adjunct Professor with the University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, AB). She actively publishes her research on self-regulation and emotion management for sport performance. Dr. Hoar’s commitment to practical and scientific understanding of the psychological foundations of performance excellence affords a cutting edge approach towards training others to achieve personal and performance excellence.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid (2014); Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (MBTI) Certification (2013); Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Business (FIRO-B) Certification (2015)

Language(s): English

location. Victoria, BC

email. sdhoar@gmail.com

phone. 778-678-8088

twitter. @sdhoar

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/sharleenhoarphd

facebook. facebook.com/Coastal-Human-Performance

Renee Hock

Mental Performance Consultant

location. Vancouver, BC

email. renee@mindinmotion.ca

Alex Hodgins, MHK

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Apex Performance Consulting; Canadian Sport Institute - Pacific; Kambio Performance

Biography: Alex Hodgins is a highly accomplished mental performance coach with a specialization in both individual and team performance. He has been the mental performance specialist over the past 4 years for the Canadian Women's National Soccer Team, working alongside some of the best coaches in the world. Together, they have built a winning culture by teaching the athletes how to play with clear intentions and confident minds. Over the years, Alex has helped athletes reach the podium at pinnacle events including the 2015 PanAms Games and the 2016 Olympic Games. This specialist utilizes advanced techniques in biofeedback, mindfulness and pressure management strategies to deliver consistent performances under the most challenging situations. His calm demeanor and his natural teaching abilities has benefited some of the most talented athletes, performers and teams across the country. He is a lifelong learner, pursuing personal and professional growth everyday. Alex resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Certified in Neurofeedback Delivery

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. hodgins.alex@gmail.com

website. www.csipacific.com; www.kambioperformance.com

twitter. @AlexHodgins6

Danelle Kabush, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Kabush Consulting, Instructor, Camosun College, Contractor, CSI-Pacific

Biography: Danelle holds a PhD in Psychology and an MA in Sport Psychology from the University of Ottawa. For her doctorate, Danelle looked at how coaches and athletes communicate about training plans in endurance sports and how such communication influences athletes’ self-determined motivation. Her master’s thesis concentrated on focusing skills in the sport of mountain biking.

For over a decade, Danelle has worked as mental performance consultant with several national sport teams via the Canadian Sport Institute including biathlon, cross-country skiing, bmx, goalball, short and long track speed skating, para-cycling, athletics, cycling, and rowing. Along with teaching sport psychology Camosun College, Danelle works with parents, individual athletes, teams and coaches to optimize mental preparation for performance and wellness in sport. Danelle is a three-time Xterra World Championship Medalist, a former Professional Mountain Bike Racer and NCAA Division One Collegiate All-American in Track. During her off-road triathlon career Danelle competed for the Luna Pro Team between breaks to give birth to her two children.

Danelle enjoys blogging on topics related to motherhood, sport and performance psychology at www.danellekabush.com. She resides in Victoria BC, Canada.

Language(s): English, French

location. Victoria, BC

email. danellek@gmail.com

phone. 250-507-2929

website. www.danellekabush.com

twitter. @danellekabush

linkedin. ca.linkedin.com/in/danellekabush

Sarah Kiengersky, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Sarah’s passion for mental performance was ignited as a young hockey player, when she began to recognize how certain aspects of her mental game were impacting performance. This interest led her to pursue studying sport psychology in university. Sarah holds a Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology, with a focus on Sport Psychology, from The University of British Columbia. During her time as a student Sarah gained experience as a mental performance consultant through internship opportunities and since completing her degree, has been providing mental performance support to athletes and coaches with a variety of sport backgrounds.

Sarah has worked with athletes and coaches at the collegiate and university levels, regional levels, and provincial levels. She enjoys working with individual athletes, teams and coaches to enhance their mental preparation and performance strategies. Her aim is to help athletes better understand their performance tendencies, while introducing them to mental skills and strategies they can implement to improve performances.

Language(s): English

location. Victoria, BC

email. skmentalskillscoach@gmail.com

phone. 778-870-8489

Andrei Mandzuk, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Founder, Mzk Performance; Instructor, Douglas College

Biography: Andrei is Mental Performance Consultant and Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. He is an endlessly curious educator, coach, and presenter, who holds a Masters of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, and has extensive experience providing sport psychology and skill acquisition support to elite athletes. In conjunction with his work in applied sport psychology, he also teaches Canada’s next generation of sport science professionals as an Instructor at Douglas College.


He has a passion for fostering growth mindsets, educating experientially, and creating environments which build up others to reach their potential. Andrei believes in taking a collaborative approach to mental performance, delivering complex topics with simple messages, and creating climates of mastery.


Having competed in cricket, soccer, rugby, and ultimate throughout his time as a provincial, university, and international athlete, Andrei can now be found climbing, running, and skiing in British Columbia. On any given weekend, you can find him coaching youth rock climbing, exploring the local mountains, or brewing tea and planning his next big adventure…

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid, Canadian Mental Health Association; Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise; Athletic Blues, Bangor University

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. info@mzkperformance.com

website. www.mzkperformance.com

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/andrei-mandzuk

Lauren McBride, EdD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Excel 2 Excellence Consulting; Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute; Staff Psychologist, University of British Columbia Counselling Services.

Biography: Lauren holds a Doctoral Degree in Counselling Psychology with a focus in Sport Psychology from Boston University.

Lauren began her interest in mental performance while competing internationally as an alpine ski racer for 10 years. While completing studies in Boston she spent time working with both high school and collegiate teams as well as received clinical training in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings.

Lauren is currently registered as a Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia. She has been working as a sport psychology consultant with a range of athletic levels and sports in BC for the past 12 years and recently had the opportunity to support athletes at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Lauren also currently works as a staff psychologist at the University of British Columbia's Counselling Services.

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. excel2excellenceconsulting@gmail.com 

Greg McDonnell, MEd

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, McDonnell Counselling, University of Victoria

Biography: Greg McDonnell has worked in the area of social service delivery for 25 years. Currently, he is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC Association of Clinical Counsellors) and has owned a successful private psychotherapy practice in Whistler BC since 2007. In his private practice he specializes in trauma healing, family systems, couple and individual therapy. He is also registered with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and provides Mental Performance Consulting.

Greg has worked collaboratively with a complex range of individuals, communities, cultures and sport groups on projects related to Health and Social Development. Greg also consults with several sport groups in Canada reviewing and identifying needed supports in the area of mental performance and goal setting (most notably the Canadian Sports Institute). Many moons ago, Greg played elite level basketball, he has competed competitively in running, triathlon, road and mountain bike racing. He is a reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Counselling.

A believer in leading a balanced lifestyle, Greg can otherwise be found with his family or with the wind in his face while skiing, mountain biking, surfing or traveling.

Language(s): English

location. Whistler, BC 

email. gregmcdonnell@hotmail.com

phone. 604-935-0968

website. www.mcdonnellcounselling.ca

Saul L. Miller, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Affiliations: Owner, Dr. Saul L. Miller & Associates


Biography: Dr. Saul L. Miller is one of North America’s leading performance and sports psychologists. He is the author of 8 books including: Performing Under Pressure, Why Teams Win: 9 Keys to Success, and Hockey Tough: A Winning Mental Game.

Dr. Miller consults with sport teams, corporations and health organizations across North America. The focus of his work is enhancing performance, team building, and helping people achieve success while dealing effectively with pressure, stress, and change.

In sport, he has worked with the New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Dodgers, Rams, Clippers, and Kings, St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators, plus numerous European pro teams, PGA Tour golfers and Olympians from USA, Canada, and Europe in over 30 different sports.

A graduate of McGill University and the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London (PhD Clinical Psychology) his work reflects his study of Eastern disciplines, Western psychological thinking, and over 35 years of front line experience consulting with some of the world’s top performers.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Numerous workshops (conducted and attended), authored 8 books including: Performing Under Pressure: Gaining the Mental Edge in Business and Sport - Why Teams Win, 9 Keys to Success - Hockey Tough: A Winning Mental Game - The Complete Player - Sport Psychology for Cyclists - A Little Relaxation

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. drmiller@saulmiller.com

phone. 778-887-2526

website. www.saulmiller.com

youtube. https://goo.gl/TNBfrK

Carl Nienhuis, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Aside from a couple years spent in Ottawa while completing a Master’s in Human Kinetics, Carl has spent the majority of his life nestled in BC’s beautiful Fraser Valley where he strives to maintain a delicate work-life balance in order to spend as much time as possible with his wife and four children.

Outside of building Lego mansions suitable to house Barbie and her friends, Carl teaches in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Fraser Valley, coaches with UFV's women’s volleyball, actively supports numerous athletes and performers across a wide-range of disciplines and competitive levels, and is slowly completing his PhD research on play. Carl’s performance support is built on holistically integrating the mind, body, and spirit into an understanding of competition as a mutual striving towards excellence.

Language(s): English

location. Fraser Valley, BC

email. carlnienhuis@gmail.com

phone. 604-615-9548

twitter. @carlnienhuis

Duncan O'Mahony, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional affiliations: Canadian Certified Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta

Biography: Duncan brings a wealth of experience to the field of mental performance. Having dual training in both counselling psychology and sports psychology, Duncan is equipped to work with many different individuals and teams. Currently he is a crisis clinician working for his local health authority specializing in the assessment and treatment of suicidal and homicidal youth. Over the past 5 years his private practice has moved away from purely mental health to performance based and now he works a lot with athletes with concurrent mental health concerns.

He is a former professional athlete having played in the CFL as both a kicker and punter. He was an all-star and Grey Cup champion during his playing days. While playing football at UBC and during his professional career Duncan had the opportunity to work with sports psychologists to help sharpen his game. This firsthand experience, along with his education and professional training gives Duncan the unique experience and confidence to work with many different athletes and teams. Currently he is working with athletes all over the country who represent their local, provincial, collegiate and national teams.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: CBT for Depression, Suicide, & Anxiety The Beck Institute; Emotion Focus Family Therapy; DBT for Adolescences and DBT for Substance use; Motivational Interviewing Level 1; Grief and Loss Training for Professionals

Language(s): English

location. Lower Mainland, BC

email. duncan@trinityperformanceconsulting.com

phone. 604-799-1739

website. www.trinityperformanceconsulting.com

Donna Perry, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, Donna Perry Consulting; Professor, Capilano University; Registered Clinical Counsellor, Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Donna Perry is a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC), a member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA), the founder/owner of Donna Perry Consulting and a tenure track professor at Capilano University. She has worked with elite to professional athletes providing guidance to acquire the mental skills necessary for performance excellence, sport, leisure, health and life pursuits. Donna is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) taking an Eco-therapy approach to counselling working with athletes in their natural settings and providing cognitive-behavioral interventions. She has served as a Mental Performance Consultant at National and International sporting events facilitating efforts to encourage the highest performance level possible, through quality program delivery and emotional support provided to athletes in preparation for their events. She looks forward to helping you aspire, believe, conceive and achieve those things you choose most in your life.


"We are in charge of creating our own personal realities. Let’s embrace the process of life as we venture into new experiences and realms and enjoy those that we are currently involved in". ~ Donna Perry

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Register Clinical Counsellor; Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT)

Language(s): English

location. Langley, BC

email. info@donnaperryconsulting.ca

phone. 604-807-2049

website. www.donnaperryconsulting.ca

linkedin. linked.com/in/donna-perry-4394a728

facebook. facebook.com/Donna-Perry-Consulting-53283864588/

Bruce Pinel, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Mental Performance Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific; Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria; Mental Performance Consultant, CBI Health Group; Advisory Committee Member - Game Plan, joint COC & CPC program; Advisory Committee Member - Athlete Wellness Program, BCWSA

Biography: Dr. Pinel has worked as a mental performance consultant in elite sport for over 20 years and has been part of Canadian teams at a variety of major events, including Beijing 2008, Delhi 2010 (Commonwealth Games), Guadalajara 2011 (Pan Am Games), London 2012, and Toronto 2015 (Pan Am Games), as well as numerous World Championships and other international events. Dr. Pinel has a strong background working in areas involving mental preparation routines, team dynamics, injury management (mental performance perspective), performing under pressure, high-performance lifestyle routines, and athlete wellness. In addition, Dr. Pinel has a proven record of working collaboratively with other sport science and health care providers towards achieving team and individual goals. Over 450 times, athletes who have worked with Dr. Pinel have had the pleasure of standing on the podium to receive a medal at major international events.

Dr. Pinel also has over 15 years experience of being part of successful multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation teams for over 3000 clients (work-related, MVA, and other sources), bringing a very pragmatic and positive approach to assist those dealing with the challenges of injury in terms of work, family, social, hobbies, lifestyle, and activities of daily living.

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Mental Health First Aid - Accredited

Language(s): English

location. Victoria, BC

email. bruce_pinel@shaw.ca

phone. 250-896-2383

linkedin. linkedin.com/in/drbrucepinel

Veronica Planella, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Instructor, University of Victoria, Owner, MVP Performance Strategies

Biography: Veronica’s passion lies in the collaboration with highly motivated individuals, accompanying and mentoring them on their journey of discovery and exploration on how to be their best.
She crafts the conditions that inspire individuals to ascertain their sense of purpose. Veronica’s unique and innovative approach to mental performance education and coaching involves focused preparation, deliberated implementation strategies, perspective, and joy.

She played international field hockey and carries her passion for the game into her professional practice involving coaching effectiveness, expertise development, cultivating community of excellence, performance analysis, long term athlete and coach development, sport-parenting and career transitions.

She is finalizing her doctorate, and since 2009 she has been a Senior Academic Instructor at the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education at the University of Victoria.

Veronica’s practice is enriched by working with varied endeavours of human aspirations with individual, team and diversability sports, in aboriginal, national and international communities. From grassroots to Olympic and World champion levels, those who have worked with Veronica attest to her tremendous ability to promote personal and team growth.

Language(s): English, French, Spanish

location. Victoria, BC

email. mvplanella@gmail.com

phone. 250-886-7042

linkedin. https://ca.linkedin.com/in/m-veronica-planella-97b6388

Alison Quinlan, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Owner, KaizenMind Mental Performance Consulting

Biography: Alison is a mental performance consultant working out of Victoria, B.C. She focuses on action planning for continual improvement. She enjoys working with athletes from a variety of sports with a specialized focus on golf, tennis and soccer.

Language(s): English

location. Victoria, BC

email. alison@kaizenmind.ca

phone. 250-812-9778

website. www.kaizenmind.ca

twitter. @alisonq24

Robert Roy

Mental Performance Consultant

location. BC

email. rjeroy@shaw.ca

Whitney Sedgwick, PhD

Registered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations: Psychologist, UBC Counselling Services, Mental performance lead, UBC Athletics, Mental performance consultant, Swimming Natation Canada


Biography: Dr. Whitney Sedgwick is a licensed psychologist at the University of British Columbia’s Counselling Services and the lead Mental performance consultant for UBC varsity athletes.

Whitney completed a master’s degree in sport psychology at McGill University and a doctorate in clinical-developmental psychology at Suffolk University in Boston. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UBC School of Human Kinetics and has taught sport science/psychology courses across North America. She’s co-authored a book on mental training for triathletes, a textbook chapter on personality in sport, and 30+ articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Whitney has worked as a mental performance consultant for 25 years, with individual and team athletes, including a year at I.N.S.E.P., the French National Sport Institute, in Paris. She was on the Medical Services team at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, has worked for the Canadian Sport Institute, and currently with an NSO providing service to National team athletes/coaches.

She’s also a former national-level coxswain in rowing.


Language(s): English


location. Vancouver, BC

email. whitney.sedgwick@ubc.ca

phone. 604-822-3811

Zoran Stojkovic, MSc

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Founder & Mental Performance Consultant, Kizo Performance; Mental Conditioning Coach, St. Michaels University School


Biography: Zoran Stojkovic is a Mental Performance Consultant, a high-performance tennis coach, and a husband.

Zoran believes that to work with high performers, we must be high performers ourselves. He trains and conditions his mind and body, so that he can perform at his peak and provide the best to the performers he works with. Living a high-performance lifestyle allows him to prepare athletes to be at their best.

The love for coaching and human performance led Zoran to complete a MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and create Kizo Performance. KP equips athletes, coaches, and organizations with mental skills to be their best and to do so with a smile on their face.


Additional training/certifications/workshops: Tennis Canada Certified Instructor

Language(s): English, Serbian, Croatian


location. Victoria, BC

email. kizo.performance@gmail.com

phone. 778-533-7551

website. www.kizoperformance.com

instagram. https://www.instagram.com/kizoperformance/

linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/zoranstojkovic/

facebook. https://www.facebook.com/KizoPerformance/


Shaunna Taylor, PhD

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Clinical Counsellor, Private Practice; Professor, University of British Columbia

Biography: Dr. Shaunna Taylor is the Executive Director of PacificSport Okanagan, and she is committed to developing athletes and coaches in the BC Interior. She is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia in the High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program, and is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Shaunna was formerly a coaching consultant at the Coaching Association of Canada, and she sits as a member of the SportMedBC High Performance Committee, and the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) Women in Sport Committee.


She has been consulting with coaches and athletes from grassroots to the Olympic/Paralympic level for over 15 years, involved in athlete and integrated team support for over 6 Major Games cycles. Shaunna has a special interest in providing a holistic sport system that promotes equity, fair play and accessibility for all. Her current research interests are projects pertaining to coaching athletes with a disability, promoting positive self image in sport, and adding to a sport landscape that empowers female athletes and leaders.


Shaunna earned her doctoral degree in Health Sciences (Sport Psychology) from the University of Ottawa, and is a certified clinical counsellor. Her services may be eligible for 3rd party insurance coverage, and she is a service provider to nationally carded athletes through the Canadian Sport Institutes in BC, ON and QC. (Sliding fee scale available).

Language(s): English, French

location. Kelowna, BC

email. shaunna.taylor@gmail.com

website. www.shaunnataylor.ca

twitter. @ShaunnaPsyched

linkedin. www.linkedin.com/in/shaunnalynntaylor

Jessie Wall, PhD Candidate

Mental Performance Consultant

Biography: Jessie Wall is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Mental Performance Consultant. She provides sport psychology and counselling services to athletes competing at regional, provincial, national and international levels. She has worked with athletes and teams from a variety of sports including gymnastics, figure skating, hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, track and field, speed skating, fastpitch and rowing. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia with a focus in sport psychology. Her research interests include transitions in sport, coach-parent-athlete relationships and athlete mental health and well-being. Jessie was a competitive figure skater and professional figure skating coach. She also played rugby in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), captained the Canadian University Rugby Sevens Team at the FISU World University Games and coached youth rugby.

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. jessie@jessiemwall.com

phone. 778-246-0552

Corrina Winder, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: Certified Disability Management Professional CDMP

Language(s): English

location. Vancouver, BC

email. corrina.roth@gmail.com 

phone. 778-232-9662

Dani Wilson, MA

Mental Performance Consultant

Professional Affiliations: MPC, Canadian Sport Psychology Association


Biography: Dani holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from The University of British Columbia. Her Master’s Thesis Manuscript, which explores self-compassion and mental toughness in elite women athletes, was recently published in the journal: Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Aside from research, Dani runs her own business working as an MPC with a variety of teams and individual sport athletes. She has worked with several Olympic and World Championship level athletes, varsity teams such as, UBC Women’s Golf, Rugby and Soccer, Douglas College Men’s and Women’s Basketball and most recently has taken on a mentorship role as MPC for Team BC at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. She uses a humanistic, strengths-based approach to her consulting, drawing on her strong theoretical knowledge base, experiences as an athlete herself and now, her own research. Reflecting on her experiences playing varsity soccer and basketball, mental skills training was sparsely offered. Dani believes that when delivered in a systematic and consistent way that promotes practice, patience and persistence, mental skills have the potential to improve performance and overall well-being. The opportunity to offer this sort of potential to aspiring athletes is the driving force behind Dani’s passion for sport psychology.


Language(s): English


location. Vancouver, BC

email. daniwilson17@gmail.com

phone. 604-616-5767



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