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Charlottetown, PEI, Canada


Ferguson, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Owner and Lead Consultant, Mind Matters Mental Performance Training; Head of Mental Performance, Holland College Hurricanes



As 1 of only 10 CSPA Professional Mental Performance Consultants in Atlantic Canada, Meagan works with teams, athletes, coaches, and parents in a variety of sports and competition levels. She facilitates experiential team workshops, as well as individualized mental training programs to help gain, and maintain, the edge over opponents. 

Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Meagan carries a rich multi-sport background with years of playing and coaching in elite-level competition. In addition to her extensive education, her years as a multi-sport student-athlete equips her with great knowledge, understanding, and passion for athletic excellence.

Her passion and energy have helped many individuals, inside and outside of sport, achieve their goals, perform more consistently, and maintain enjoyment for their craft. Meagan's strong background in team sport is an asset to many competitive teams and clubs in building cohesive groups that are mentally prepared and resilient; consulting across Eastern Canada.

Meagan currently resides in her home province where she teaches at Holland College, and is also the head of mental performance for Holland College Hurricanes Athletics.


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