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Ottawa, ON, Canada


Stewart, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Owner/Director, Koncium Mental Training; Mental Performance Consultant, Hockey Canada Men's National Programs (U-17's); Mental Performance Consultant, Carleton University Women's Soccer Program; Contractor/Consultant, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario



Kyle Stewart (MHK, BA Hons.) is a registered Mental Performance Consultant who is a specialist in mental skills training, performance optimization, and mental preparation strategies. A Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, Kyle is the founder of Koncium Mental Training, a premier mental performance consulting business in the Ottawa region. In addition to his wealth of experience working one-to-one with individual clients of various high-performance sports, Kyle consults with multiple provincial level teams and clubs across the country. Notably, Kyle serves as a Mental Performance Coach with Hockey Canada’s National Men’s Under-17 Program for their high-performance development camps and international competitions. Locally, Kyle has worked with multiple collegiate level sports, dozens of sporting organizations, as well consulting outside of sport in performing arts and corporate sectors. Kyle’s consulting style focuses on training individuals in achieving personal excellence through a collaborative process which emphasizes the development of mental skills applicable to sport and life. Kyle works with individuals of all skill levels, ages, and in all performance domains.


Additional Training:

Mindfulness Teacher Training (Level 1, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic), Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health Commission of Canada), Certificate in Innovative Leadership (Simon Fraser University)




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