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Mississauga, ON, Canada


Lopez, PhD(c)

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Headstrong Elite Performance



Jimena Lopez is a Mental Performance Consultant and the founder of HeadStrong Elite Performance. Her goal is to help athletes and working professionals condition their minds so they can love what they do, perform at their best, and explore their potential. She has had the privilege of working with athletes participating in an array of sports (individual and team) and competitive levels (brand new to their sport to those who are Olympic hopefuls). As a former gymnastics national team member, Jimena works to combine her personal experience in elite sport to her practice in order to enhance rapport with the client and the quality of training she can provide. Lastly, Jimena is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Alberta where she focuses her research on the emotional experience of sport, self-compassion in athletes, and the creation and integration of mental skill training interventions into the sports world. Jimena integrates her personal, academic, and professional expertise into her practice in order to equip her clients with the tools and exercise they need to improve their overall mental strength and achieve their goals.


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