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Denver, CO, USA


Hassan, PhD

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Complete Performer Consulting



Iman Hassan is a mental performance consultant and a doctoral candidate at the University of Ottawa. After completing her bachelor of science in psychology at Delaware State University, Iman went on to earn her MA in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Following the completion of her MA, Iman became a PhD student and a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA). 

Iman’s athletic background consists of being a dual NCAA athlete, playing both basketball and lacrosse. As a passionate sport enthusiast, Iman works with elite athletes from various sports. Her consulting priorities are anchored in the client’s overall well-being and performance optimization.

As a PhD candidate, her research areas of interest include athletic transition out of sport, gratitude practices, and well-being. Her research is anchored in practical approaches that are aimed towards optimizing performance and overall well-being.


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