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Hamilton, ON, Canada


Gorrell, PhD(c)

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Embodied Mental Performance



Elyse’s passion is assisting athletes and coaches in overcoming their mental barriers in order to perform at their optimal level. She uses her experience as a competitive athlete, coach, and MPC to create programs that are applied and individualized to the performer. She has a passion for sport, and recognizes that each sport creates different demands on an athlete.

Elyse’s philosophy to counselling has a strong focus on embodiment, which consists of the union between psychological and physiological elements. Embodiment acknowledges the importance of the body’s role in cognition with the idea that the consciousness is always focused on something even if the person is not aware of it. There are many fields that prefer to separate the body and the mind in order to reduce the subject under examination to description, however embodiment recognizes that if the body is limited to description then the meaning of the unconscious thoughts (brewing behind the scenes during performance) are lost.  She has worked with Brock University’s varsity teams, the Niagara Tennis Academy, as well as individual athletes of all skill levels ranging from grassroots to international competition. Currently a PhD candidate, Elyse’s research specializes in social media and its impact on athletes and coaches.


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