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Ottawa, ON, Canada


Bell, MHK

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Amy’s lifelong love of sport and her desire to help people achieve their full potential inspired her to pursue a career as a Mental Performance Consultant. Initially interested in physical therapy, Amy discovered her love of sport psychology while completing her Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. With her interest piqued, she advanced her knowledge by completing her Master’s degree in the Human Kinetics Intervention and Consultation program also at uOttawa.

Amy works with her clients to develop a customized strategy to help them achieve their goals and dreams. The skills she helps her clients develop are not limited to the playing field. Part of Amy’s consulting philosophy includes helping her clients develop skills for all areas of their lives. Her belief that mental skills are life skills has led to her to work with a wide range of clients -sports teams, athletes, musicians, actors, and students, as well as “corporate athletes.” Amy focuses on empowering her clients to take control of the mental skills training process, identify their strengths, and develop the tenacity and perseverance to fulfill their ultimate potential.


Additional Training:

Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health Commission of Canada)




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