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Kelowna, BC, Canada


Taylor, PhD

Professional Affiliations:

Clinical Counsellor, Private Practice; Professor, University of British Columbia



Dr. Shaunna Taylor is the Executive Director of PacificSport Okanagan, and she is committed to developing athletes and coaches in the BC Interior. She is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia in the High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program, and is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Shaunna was formerly a coaching consultant at the Coaching Association of Canada, and she sits as a member of the SportMedBC High Performance Committee, and the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) Women in Sport Committee.

She has been consulting with coaches and athletes from grassroots to the Olympic/Paralympic level for over 15 years, involved in athlete and integrated team support for over 6 Major Games cycles. Shaunna has a special interest in providing a holistic sport system that promotes equity, fair play and accessibility for all. Her current research interests are projects pertaining to coaching athletes with a disability, promoting positive self image in sport, and adding to a sport landscape that empowers female athletes and leaders.

Shaunna earned her doctoral degree in Health Sciences (Sport Psychology) from the University of Ottawa, and is a certified clinical counsellor. Her services may be eligible for 3rd party insurance coverage, and she is a service provider to nationally carded athletes through the Canadian Sport Institutes in BC, ON and QC. (Sliding fee scale available).


Additional Training:



English, French

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