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Vancouver, BC, Canada


Mahony, PhD(c)

Professional Affiliations:

Canadian Certified Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta



Duncan brings a wealth of experience to the field of mental performance. Having dual training in both counselling psychology and sports psychology, Duncan is equipped to work with many different individuals and teams. Currently he is a crisis clinician working for his local health authority specializing in the assessment and treatment of suicidal and homicidal youth. Over the past 5 years his private practice has moved away from purely mental health to performance based and now he works a lot with athletes with concurrent mental health concerns.

He is a former professional athlete having played in the CFL as both a kicker and punter. He was an all-star and Grey Cup champion during his playing days. While playing football at UBC and during his professional career Duncan had the opportunity to work with sports psychologists to help sharpen his game. This firsthand experience, along with his education and professional training gives Duncan the unique experience and confidence to work with many different athletes and teams. Currently he is working with athletes all over the country who represent their local, provincial, collegiate and national teams.


Additional Training:

CBT for Depression, Suicide, & Anxiety The Beck Institute; Emotion Focus Family Therapy; DBT for Adolescences and DBT for Substance use; Motivational Interviewing Level 1; Grief and Loss Training for Professionals




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