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Vancouver, BC, Canada


Hodgins, MHK

Professional Affiliations:

Owner, Apex Performance Consulting; Canadian Sport Institute - Pacific; Kambio Performance



Alex Hodgins is a highly accomplished mental performance coach with a specialization in both individual and team performance. He has been the mental performance specialist over the past 4 years for the Canadian Women's National Soccer Team, working alongside some of the best coaches in the world. Together, they have built a winning culture by teaching the athletes how to play with clear intentions and confident minds. Over the years, Alex has helped athletes reach the podium at pinnacle events including the 2015 PanAms Games and the 2016 Olympic Games. This specialist utilizes advanced techniques in biofeedback, mindfulness and pressure management strategies to deliver consistent performances under the most challenging situations. His calm demeanor and his natural teaching abilities has benefited some of the most talented athletes, performers and teams across the country. He is a lifelong learner, pursuing personal and professional growth everyday. Alex resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Additional Training:

Certified in Neurofeedback Delivery




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