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Edmonton, AB, Canada


Cockle, MA

Professional Affiliations:

Owner C4Success, Private Practice Vickery & Cockle



Susan has more than two decades of experience counselling young adults, youth and children through a myriad of psychological challenges, especially anxiety, burnout/depression, trauma and life transitions. She has a BA Special, in Psychology, from the University of Alberta, a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia, and is accredited in sport psychology (CSPA) and play therapy (APT).

Susan works with athletes of all ages and levels, from children in community sports, through to elite athletes preparing for the Olympic Games. During the Beijing-London Olympic quadrennial Susan worked with Canadian athletes competing in sprints, long jump and hurdles, and for the London-Rio Olympic quadrennial she worked with the Canada Senior Women's Basketball team. Susan herself was a multi-sport athlete competing regionally in volleyball, netball, field hockey and athletics.

Professional Affiliations: Owner C4Success, Private Practice Vickery & Cockle


Additional Training:

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Self-Regulation Therapy training (trauma and injury recovery counselling), Registered Play Therapy - Supervisor, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training, Mindfulness.




Contact Information

780 436-5005

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